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Web Design Survey

A List Apart released the Findings From the Web Design Survey (direct download link of the PDF). Some discussion/background here, here, and here.

The finding I found most interesting:

A smaller percentage of usability experts work at non-profits than at other kinds of organizations.

A greater percentage of webmasters work at government, non-profit, and school/college jobs than at jobs in other kinds of organizations.

Overall, these findings seem to imply that titles representing a more current (or emerging) understanding of the field are more prevalent at for-profits and start-ups than at non-profits, government agencies, and schools. Put simply, based on this data, for-profit and start-up companies appear to be ahead of the curve in their understanding of the field.


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    I guess the non-profits must be using 3rd party companies for their IT work rather than hiring on a usability expert. Kind of odd that the majority made under 20k per year also.