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my long lost handwriting

I wrote plenty... until college. I learned to type in high school and by college, I went completely digital for everything except problem sets.
I have the same problem under the same circumstances. Every 8 or 9 months, I come up with a grand plan of writing again (like on a weekly basis). As indicated by the notion's regular recurrence intervals, I never implement these "grand plans."


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    Interesting. I've pretty much lost the ability to write neatly in cursive--I'm so slow and sloppy now that I give up on that almost immediately. But I still write all of my class notes by hand (have to with all the equations) and people remark on how nice my handwriting looks. I wonder, though, how long that will persist after I no longer have classes to take notes in. I already do the majority of my notations for research by computer, and I rarely write out stories or journal entries by hand anymore.