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Requiring Internet Explorer Should be Punishable

From yesterday's Case Daily

For best results, employees should use Internet Explorer as the Web browser when enrolling in benefits.
Sigh... What year is it again?


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    Isn't this indeed punishable under Section 508?

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    I found that disconcerting as well. That said, I completed the form in Firefox without any discernible problems.

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    Well, can you really blame them for that? If you see data showing 75-80% usage for Internet Explorer, of course you would recommend that the user use that particular browser to get all the features.

    At least it did not say "require." If you are able to fill out the form via Firefox, Sarfari, or even an old version of Netscape, that's fine too.

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    Where have you seen numbers for 75% usage of IE?

    Besides, they should design in a style that is usable by all browsers.