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Name the Three "Coolest" Brands You Can Think of Right Now

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Nintendo

"Cool" (in the title) is quotation-isized because (obviously) it is a subjective measure. Please substitute in your own definition of it without explanation (as I have done). Thank you.


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    hmmmm. Can't argue with the first two and there were lots of options for the 3rd.

    1. Apple
    2. Google
    3. Virgin

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    1. Ubuntu
    2. OLPC
    3. Google

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    Vote for me..

    1. Apple
    2. Adobe
    3. Google

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    2. Adobe

    Adobe? Really?

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    1. Google
    2. Yahoo
    3. Apple

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    1. Google
    2. Apple
    3. Yahoo

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    Had to say Adobe.. FOR ME.. I couldn't make (much) money without it. Between Flash, Photoshop, Coldfusion, Premiere, and not to forget Acrobat. Flash video is huge..

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    1. Nintendo
    2. Lomographic Society
    3. Häagen Dasz