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Can I Link to It?

Tom Scott, of the BBC, comments on Jamie’s comments about Jamie's work on the design of BBC’s /programmes service in his post Web design 2.0 - it’s all about the resource and its URL. It touches on something I constantly hammer on:

Everything important should have a URL

Put another way:

Can I link to it?

That's the way I phrase it in meetings when people say something like "I am-developing/have-developed web blah-blah-blah so-on-and-so-forth." The next thing out of my mouth is "can I link to it?" And I don't mean link to a page that shows it. I mean directly link to the "web thing" (i.e. "resource"; i.e. "data") that was created.

Sure, it's a blanket statement that ignores nuances and such (I don't even want to get into ETags with the people). I just find that it is a useful question for an "inside the Enterprise" environment in trying to improve IT architecture — it's catchy; it's to the point; and it can be (in general) easily comprehendible by people.

(By the way, the web design at (which, according to the site's colophon is based on the "ChaosTheory" Wordpress theme) looks a lot like Khio Vinh's