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Software Loyalty

You know what's weird. I just realized I've been using Firefox for almost 6 years now. Outside of Operating Systems, utilities like bash or ls (that kind of stuff), or "server software" like Apache; I believe this is the longest stretch I have ever used a piece of software. (Disregarding a brief period in which I was using Camino.) At least, I can't think of any piece of software I've used longer (end-user type software, like I said, not counting stuff like Debian or the perl interpreter).


I'll list software here that, as I recognize it, I have used longer than Firefox.


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    No, I don't have a Windows box; so I don't use Editplus, anymore. And I can't recall if I used it for 6+ years (quite possibly). NEdit, however, yes, I still use that when I'm on Ubuntu/Debian/RedHat/Solaris (and I think you might have meant that when you said Editplus). So... I guess that wins.