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IE 8 Something; Web Indigestion Ensued

C'mon, I can't believe I am the first person to go with the "8"→"Ate" pun.

It seems IE8 will use an opt-in <meta …> tag to turn on standards mode. Crappy idea? Most certainly. Relevant? Turns out, not so much as you can continue to use doctype switching.

At least, as far as I can tell, that pretty much sums it up.

All of this does remind me of a quote:

There are three levels to creating software: computer science, software engineering, and this thing that people do with Java inside enterprises.

I think that that law can be generalized a little more:

… and this thing that people do within their intranets.

What follows is a fairly exhaustive list of links that you can read if you want all of the details. Admittedly, I am still working my way through this list. Hat tip to Mark Pilgrim's "pleasesirmayihaveanother" tag. Many of these links are pulled from there.

Starter reading:

And all the meaty commentary:

And, oh yeah, HTML5 was published as a W3C Working Draft. Seems somehow fitting to link to that here at the end.


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    I've ranted a bit about this over on Pownce. I get Zeldman's point that most people aren't applying standards and we'll never convert the world, but I still don't see how adding another piece of duct tape solves the problem. If they don't apply standards they won't apply this either. Then once they start testing in IE 8 they may not understand why it's rendering as IE 7.

    I agree that we should be encouraging IE to be standards compliant, and their efforts towards that in IE 8 are worth a pat on the back, but when you tack this onto the equation you're still faced with having to do something special for IE.