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Internet Access Revoked

Nobody hires people to style a Word document, but you certainly do have to hire somebody to create any non-trivial page with CSS

I hereby declare your Internet revoked.


Sure there's a bit of disconnect between the image and the content of the comment, but I just couldn't help myself:



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    It's pretty stupid to compare a Word document with a public web site. After all, what's the target audience of a Word document versus a web site? Would you do your commercial pamphlet design in Word yourself or would you hire a proefssional advertising company to do it?

    If you'd really do it yourself (and you're not a professional ad designer), I guess you're more than happy enough with a Word-based "Save as HTML" web site as well.

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    Did you visit the link he included? Scarier yet.

    CSS in its current state isn't perfect, but it is absurd to think that it should be as easy to use as MS Word.

    Actually I think Word does people a disservice by trying to be too much to too many. People like giving color to their headers and adding pictures, but many Word documents are as poorly formed as most Web pages. Having the tools to layout a page (in print or online) is not the equivalent of knowing typography, design, color theory, usability, organization, etc.

    If a professional Web designer doesn't understand CSS or can't be bothered then one wonders what else they don't take the time to learn.

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    I'm sad to say I wasted a few minutes of my life reading the dude's link.

    I think I now have more insight on why IE and Microsoft's internet strategy is so screwed up.