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Running IE6, IE7, and IE8


I wonder when I can stop worrying about IE6?


You ever get the feeling that Microsoft is holding you down, has you by the wrists, and is flailing your own hands against your forehead and saying "stop hitting yourself; stop hitting yourself; why are you hitting yourself; stop hitting yourself;…" Yea, me too.

But enough Microsoft bashing. Has anyone gotten IE 6, 7, and 8 running alongside one another?

I attempted to do so. I had a Windows XP SP2 running (in Parallels) that had IE7 installed and a standalone IE6 via the - Browser Archive. I upgraded the IE7 version to IE8 (no hitches there). Then, I installed a standalone version of IE7 via That seemed to work just fine.


But that ended up breaking my IE6 standalone. The window would open, but could not connect to any web pages. And it just continually threw this error:


I tried reinstalling the IE6 standalone binary but met the same results. Anyone had any luck here?

Somewhat related, IE8 doesn't render my blog's redesign properly. Specifically, the repeat-x part of background: rgb(255,250,252) url("/jeremy.smith/images/background.png") repeat-x top left;. No idea why.



I mocked up a simplified version of the IE8 background CSS bug I ran into. It's located at Here are two screenshots: one of Firefox correctly rendering with background and IE8 not rendering. (Anyone know where to submit these?)




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    I wanted to do the same thing just now and thought I'd do a little research... stumbled on your site, thanks for the heads up.

    I have IE6 from running along ie 7... and ie 6 standalone version is not 100% working copy... does not process some css/javascript also no sessions/cookies... using it for testing is not very reliable.

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    This is exactly why I've not installed it yet! I've been waiting to see if people have problems with multiple versions.

    I've been using the Tredosoft's multi-install. Did you try that version instead of the standalone 6?

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    I had IE6 standalone running alongside IE7.
    Installing IE8 and now my IE6 seems to be not finding the web?
    I also just installed safari 3 too on Win, so not sure what happened to IE6 standalone, it worked fine except for not showing CSS hacks accurately before.

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    I used to use in the past only IE. Two years ago I discovered FireFox and I could not work without it. I pretty sure that IE will never beat FF in tools.

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    I was always under the impression url("/jeremy.smith/images/background.png") should be url(/jeremy.smith/images/background.png) as some UAs don't like the quotes.

    Doubt this will be breaking your repeat-x though.

    Also, IE8 has also broken my IE6 standalone. If only there as an 'emulate IE6' button, we'd only need one browser then.

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    Yeah, I've had the same issue - I was working through IE6 and IE7's tiresome CSS bugs, installed IE8 and find my IE6 has been nerfed... its so insanely stupid...

    might try an uninstall of IE8 (wish me luck)

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    Update: the description on how to get it to work is here: IE 6, 7, and 8 Running on Same Machine (Plus 5.5 and 5.01).

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    3 versions of IE?
    Glutton for punishment or what?
    Opera/Konqueror/SeaMonkey, hey there's 3 browsers that actually work.