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Long Live HTML

Dave Shea redesigns from XHTML back to HTML:

I’m done with XHTML is why. Back to HTML 4.01 Strict for now, then HTML5 whenever that happens.

He continues:

Six years ago, many of us thought XHTML would be the future of the web and we’d be living in an XML world by now… For me, a guy who builds web sites and applications for clients that have to work in today’s browsers, XHTML2 is a non-issue. No browser support, no use to today’s web authors. End of story.


Not that any of this needs linking to again, but if you serve XHTML markup with a content-type of "text/html"; you're probably not getting the benefits you think you're getting with XML. And if you do try to serve it as application/xhtml+xml, you break IE. And even in a world where IE didn't matter, draconian error handling is a downward spiral to madness.


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    I should admit, your writing is always interesting!

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    XHtml is not dead yet. I think one of requirement Web 2.0 is pass