Jane Iredale's Skincare System is the TRUTH!

I've had the opportunity to try complimentary products mostly beauty products for at least a year now. This past month I've been using Jane Iredale's beauty prep cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mineral powder, and setting spray. This isn't your mama's powdered foundationMineral foundation is the truth. It's light, protects your skin from the sun, & doesn't smell. The setting spray keeps it in place. Every single one of these products worked like a charm and worked together perfectly. The products are gentle, lightweight , but effective. The fact that the mineral powder has SPF protection is so important in a daily morning makeup routine. With my freckled face, suncreen matters and nobody likes having to put on greasy sunscreen on a face you want to put makeup on. This makes that a problem of the past. I highly recommend giving Jane Iredale skincare makeup a chance, it not only makes your skin look more beautiful but also helps it be healthier. 969CDCA2-86B7-4DBC-931A-440C2E468D16.jpeg

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Three Words

Say somethin'
Speakin on demand has never been my forte.
When I was a kid my response would be "somethin'"
Now that the years have passed such smart antics seem out of place.
I wish I knew just what to say when you clearly demand more.
I only have 3 words.
They are stated daily.
But it is so much more than that.
They are worth more than the weight of the 8 letters that form the statement of my life.
I can't imagine not having you.
That sentence seems like it never meant as much until they were uttered in your presence.
Not to take anything from those whose blood runs through my veins;
But to be in the greatest four letter word ever created is ecstasy!
I have always felt that I can express myself poetically best when I have something to rant about.
That rant is what I have to brag about--
What I have to cherish;
What I have to embrace;
What I have to enamor.
It is with these sentiments that I realize I do not know what to say;
Because I have everything to say.
Everything is felt and encompassed in 5 vowels and 3 consonants.
If one four letter word is exchanged for one other;
Not much has changed.
The substantive difference is that there has obviously been an absence of the object of the emotion.
Everything is then felt and encompassed in 4 vowels and 4 consonants.
Someone is missed and equality is reached;
So, I say somethin';
Somethin' you've heard before.
But it's not your ears I attempt to please.
It's not a matter of saying what you want to hear.
It's a matter of wearing my heart on my sleeve;
Because there is nothing better to speak than the truth.
The truth in simplicity.
Simplicity that is often underestimated,
Often undervalued,
Occassionally misunderstood.
Regardless they can't be replaced;
Because you are irreplaceable;
So, when I say somethin'
And you want to hear more
Listen to all the unspoken passion
That lives within the breath taken to speak 3 simple words...

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My typical work week fall of 2010...

Well, it is about that time that you are able to peek into my life. As of now, on Mondays I don't work until 1:40ish p.m. From 1:40ish p.m. until 5:30 p.m. I work at North Olmsted Middle School. The after school program does not start until the kids are dismissed from class at 2:30 p.m. The first hour is devoted to helping the students complete there homework. The program just started last week so we don't have all the students that will be participating enrolled yet. Once that happens each day will focus on a different club. Currently, the students have done everything from play board games, kick ball and go on an educational scavenger hunt.

Tuesday through Thursday I start work at 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. at the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association as a Lawyer Referral Specialist. I work there until 1p.m. and then I go straight to NOMS. Thursday evening my weekend starts since I am off from both jobs. This Friday I will meet with my little sister from Big Brothers Big Sisters when she gets out of school and visits the law school. I haven't seen her since the spring so I'm looking forward to it. We have a lot to catch up on. That's starting to sound like the story of my life.

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She returns...

When it comes to blogging I'm like the prodigal child that disappears, neglecting all blogging responsibilities but no matter how long I am gone I return to open arms, metaphorically speaking. As I tend to do I would like to explain away my absence. For the past 3 years I went to law school at Cleveland-Marshall. Those were a very hectic 3 years and needless to say it kept me very busy. I did stay pretty faithful to Facebook though so I guess I could have blogged and that would have been a little more productive.

Anyhow, I graduated in May and then spent the vast majority of the summer studying for the Ohio Bar Exam. Those 6 weeks or so, blogging was not an option. Although, I took the bar exam in late July I am still waiting for the results. I'll learn that I passed the bar exam on October 29th. Do you like how I claim that? It is the result of reading "The Secret" several weeks ago. I am fond of the rule of attraction so I do my best to live by it. Well, that's enough for now. I promise to not keep you waiting for another entry for over a year!

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Jump Shot

I’m not on the rebound.
The ball was always in my court
Yet it seems like to get this game movin'
I got to fall in like
A ball through the net.
Only so many points can get scored with one shot.
I thought I’d switch it up,
Start breakin the rules
That were supposed to take me to the top.
No matter what some will remain;
Charging isn’t allowed
So offenders will be cut.
Street ball looks so much more attractive right now.
It’s always had that element of excitement
But now the alternative looks like Bull.
What I need is some assists.
My drive will succeed.
It’s all about the fastbreak.
Makes me feel so free
Throw away the old forces
Me to recognize a layup isn’t an option.
Can’t deny a woman-to-man defense’ s worth.
Although this is just a scrimmage
I’ve made my picks.
Got him starting
Without any training.
Players sitting on the sidelines;
High shooters but no game.
They had their chance.
Now the crowd may witness an underdog
Becoming the new King.

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Destined to Return

As the days soar by

Aches await the relief

That is destined to return.

Placebos prescribed perpetually;

Addicted to the reaction,

Rehabilitation for these vices

Is yet to exist.

Solo in a congregate;

Miles isolate beings,

Crossing borders like a nomad;

An aerial gypsy of sorts;

Sort of a Sir Galahad of the 21st century;

Marvel status with a lair so distant,

The land lacks an element

That cannot be replenished

When out of the code.

Clouds casting showers of testosterone to compensate;
If only a replacement could be found;

But masterpieces stand alone,

If the prodigal son returned;

Shouldn’t the provident one, drop by?

When those wings coast to a landing,

Near the lion’s den, may the purr

Reign loudly as a roaring fleet.

Let it be known

Legend is what you are.

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