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September 16, 2018

Jane Iredale's Skincare System is the TRUTH!

I've had the opportunity to try complimentary products mostly beauty products for at least a year now. This past month I've been using Jane Iredale's beauty prep cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mineral powder, and setting spray. This isn't your mama's powdered foundationMineral foundation is the truth. It's light, protects your skin from the sun, & doesn't smell. The setting spray keeps it in place. Every single one of these products worked like a charm and worked together perfectly. The products are gentle, lightweight , but effective. The fact that the mineral powder has SPF protection is so important in a daily morning makeup routine. With my freckled face, suncreen matters and nobody likes having to put on greasy sunscreen on a face you want to put makeup on. This makes that a problem of the past. I highly recommend giving Jane Iredale skincare makeup a chance, it not only makes your skin look more beautiful but also helps it be healthier. 969CDCA2-86B7-4DBC-931A-440C2E468D16.jpeg

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