December 09, 2006

Management 250

As my last blogging assignment I would like to briefly reflect on my experience taking Management 250. This class was great for me as far as the grading was done. So much of the class is based on class participation which is something I enjoy. The other assignments almost always seemed to be more meaningful then regular school assignments. Some of the class discussions seemed a little basic and some of the answers to class questions were obvious. The truth is that as elementary as some of these things may be I would bet that people forget about them. It didn't bother me to have to go through some of the boring parts of 250 because the truth is I got a lot out of it. I look forward to taking the next step which is management 251 and I wonder whether it will have a similar structure. If 251 is similar then 250 then I will feel confident going in and that confidence will definitely show in my results.

Reflecting on the Blogging Assignments

I must admit I stumbled into the blogging assignment because the semester seemed to begin so quick I missed the first case. I was a little upset at the time because I felt that this would require much more energy then a case write up. After time I found that I got things out of this assignment I never could have gotten during a write up. I still believe that blogging ended up being more work, but I can look back and enjoy what I got out of this assignment. Blogging allowed me to really analyze the things I was learning in class. I tend to leave class and not remember things until I need to on a test. Blogging forced me to take a closer look at what I was learning. I wrote a blog on an assignment we did in class having to do with ethics and in writing this blog I began to find the different layers of the case I didn't see the first time. Despite all the extra work that I needed to put in to blogging I can look back and find the positives it has had on my Management 250 experience.

Learning Plan II

This week I finished the second part of my Learning Plan. I liked writing this part of the essay more then the first. The reason for this is because the first section was about my past and recounting where I have come from. It was also an analysis about what kind of person I am. The second part focused on the future, and this allowed me to be creative in thinking about where I can go. My ideas needed to be creative but the sub-goals that explained my ideas needed to make sense and be rational. It is also fun to think about the future and dream about how life might end up. My favorite essays in high school were the ones in which we could imagine things in the future. A lot of my paper was about my greatest skill which is creativity. This paper allowed me to explain my character in a creative way, and as I stated in my Learning Plan my favorite assignments are the ones in which I can be creative.

Session With Prof. Poonamallee

It is my belief that because of a lot of complaints surrounding the HR simulation we had a special session with Prof. Poonamallee. During this class we were able to voice our opinions on how the simulation was going. I had some fears going into this class because I knew people were very upset about how the simulation was going, and I wasn't sure how people would act in class. I though this class went well because everyone had respect for each other, but at the same time everyone got their complaints in the open. Prof. Poonamallee took all the criticism well and did not get defensive about anything anybody said. Some of the main points that I think were hit upon were the fact that too many mistakes were being made plugging numbers into the computers. This was creating results that groups did not intend to get. I think that future classes will have better experiences with this project if our concerns were taken into consideration. This project was useful and educational but changes need to be made in order to maximize the potential of this assignment.

Wal Mart and Business Ethics

I am currently taking Marketing 301 and one of the units in this course takes a look at the company Wal Mart. Wal Mart partakes in many actions that raise concerns over business ethics. In Management 250 we dedicate a lot of our time to discussing ethics. The main question surrounding our studies of Wal Mart was whether they should buy its products from Chinese factories that exploit workers. If the Chinese government does not change the laws in a way that will benefit workers, is it the right of Wal Mart to get their products at the best price possible? This is capitalism at its best but is their certain point where we need to say that profit comes second? In business school we are taught that we want to minimize costs in order to maximize profits. From the very beginning this principle is engrained in our heads, it may seem as if all the Wal Mart executives are doing is practicing this strategy. These are tough questions, in 250 we are consistently confronted with scenarios that have questionable ethics but the answers are never clear cut. I think Wal Mart has the right to buy from China, and it is China’s responsibility to award their workers better conditions and wages. The problem is when Wal Mart turns around and treats their own workers like they mean nothing.

November 10, 2006

Drawing inspiration from 250

In my Marketing 301 class our final project is a business proposal to the Career Center addressing issues they have. The Career Center asked our class to try and figure out how to make more people use the career center. More importantly the Career Center wants to ensure that they will have a good number of repeat customers. Our class began thinking about our experiences with the career center, which for most of us revolves around our Management 250 experience. This train of thought gave us the idea that we should try and design a program that would do what management 250 does, which is force people to use the career center. The only difference would be that we would try and get more people involved. We assumed that if this program was done through Sages we would be able to have every Case student exposed to the Career Center by 2011. This would increase the number of first time users of the Career Center and this would definitely increase the number of repeat customers. The hardest part about using the Career Center is striking up enough courage to go the first time. Management 250 forces that process which gives the students confidence in dealing with the Career Center.

November 09, 2006

Studying in Germany

A week ago our class was given a presentation regarding an opportunity to study abroad in Germany. This course would take two weeks, and would count as 3 credits. The first thought that crossed my mind was that it would be great to get 3 credits done in 2 weeks but as I have thought about more I have began to see how this could give me so much more. I always wanted to study abroad but that was never a something that I realistically could do. When I first heard about the class I understood that the work load and time dedicated to class would probably limit the culture I could experience while I was their. After talking about the opportunity with a friend who wanted to go, I began to think maybe it would be a good idea to go a week early and experience a different country right before I went to class. If I was able to do this I could get my three credits, experience a different culture and learn about a new topic. I have always wanted to travel and see different perspectives around the world. Living in the United States I know I will have to work with people from many different places with different outlooks on life. Being able to go to another country will help me understand different people which I know will help me work better with people. Going abroad will not only give me an academic education but it will also teach me ways to interact with different people. This realization made me so much more confident in partaking in this program because I really believe the lesson I will learn will be priceless.