December 01, 2005

Guest Speaker Today

I really enjoyed today’s class with our guest speaker. The personal stories that he told wee incredible. I was very surprised that they did not fire the man who murdered his wife, although I can understand the reasoning. After all, we are innocent until proven guilty and they would have been sued if they had fired him.
I also enjoyed the activity he had us do even though I did terrible on it. As he was explaining the reasoning for why something was a question mark I was just amazed. It was a really great class today.

November 30, 2005

HR Simulation Meetings

The meetings for my HR Simulation group have changed drastically over the past 8 weeks. At the beginning of this simulation, we would spend 2 hours laboring over our incidents and other decisions. We were incredibly cautious with regards to our budget and would always under spend just to be on the safe side. At our meeting last night, which was only 30 minutes, we spent every last penny that we could without exceeding our budget. This is a very different team than the one we started with eight weeks ago. Even though we are not putting as much time into each meeting, we seem to be getting better results from our quicker decisions and less cautious spending. I think we had a much better Y2 than we would have if things hadn’t changed.

November 16, 2005


I really enjoy the blogging assignment. I think it was a great option for the grading contract and should be continued in the future. The only problem with it is, I sometimes forget about it and I end up doing three blogs the night before they are due! I know we are in college now and it’s not the professor’s job of reminding us to stay on top of this, but that would be nice. Maybe Prof. Powley could just insert a reminder in his slide with our upcoming assignments for the next week. I know I could benefit from a small reminder once a week, and I’m sure other students could too.

Improvements for Appraisals

Yesterday in class we discussed how to make the performance appraisals of Case professors better. I think the appraisal need to leave more room just for writing out your thoughts about the professor and the class. The standardized questions sometimes leave things out and they don’t always let you express concern in a particular area. I know there have been times when I wanted to address a certain problem and the form didn’t give me the chance.
I also liked the suggestion of having, in addition to the students, an expert come in and evaluate the professor. This may not be a feasible idea, but it would have its benefits. There was also the idea of having the professor leave the room and having the person who deals with the evaluations come in and have a discussion with the class. I don’t know if many people would be comfortable putting their face with a complaint. I know I am always concerned that my evaluation of a professor might come back to haunt me later.

November 10, 2005


At my last job, we had performance reviews every six months; at least that’s what they told me. I worked there for a year and a half and never received one when I should have had three. What I found really interesting was we still got our raises that were supposedly dependent upon our performance reviews that we never got. There was absolutely no feedback at this job. No explanation of why someone else, who had been there a much shorter time than you, was promoted before you were. Managers really need to step it up and give feedback. It just creates unhappy, resentful workers if they don’t. For example, I had a friend who was with this company for three years; she was a crew trainer at the time that our crew chief left. So of course she was expecting to get the promotion to chief but instead the managers gave it to someone who hadn’t even been there a year yet. My friend was so upset she put in her two weeks. She and the managers eventually talked over the situation and she was made a manager, but the whole problem could have been avoided if they had just given reviews and explained what she needed to do to get the promotion.

November 06, 2005

HR Simulation - Annual Report

For my part of the annual report, I had to write about the progress we are making on the goals we established at our first meeting. We have made progress on all of our goals, but I think it was mostly incidental progress. We never sat down at our meetings, looked over our goals and then proceeded from there, we always just added a new program, or increased the amount of money to a certain area and that was it. We didn’t set out at our meetings to meet our goals. I think this is something my team needs to change in Y2; we need to be more focused on our goals, and actually set a specific number to reach for morale, turnover, etc. This would give us a better focus for our meetings and they might go a little quicker.

Jonah Creighton Case

I have to say I wasn’t very surprised by the outcome of the Jonah Creighton case. You could see it coming from the very beginning that the company was going to get rid of him so they wouldn’t have to deal with the problem of discrimination. What did surprise me was how little Jonah fought considering he held this belief so highly. I thought he would have alerted Martin to the situation sooner and nudged him to pursue it. The upper level management would have taken Martin more seriously, because he was the victim of the discrimination, and they knew he could have taken legal action, unlike Jonah.