Jonah Creighton Case

I have to say I wasn’t very surprised by the outcome of the Jonah Creighton case. You could see it coming from the very beginning that the company was going to get rid of him so they wouldn’t have to deal with the problem of discrimination. What did surprise me was how little Jonah fought considering he held this belief so highly. I thought he would have alerted Martin to the situation sooner and nudged him to pursue it. The upper level management would have taken Martin more seriously, because he was the victim of the discrimination, and they knew he could have taken legal action, unlike Jonah.


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I agree, Jonah defintely could have handled the siuation better. This would require him to think of the whole siuation as a game of chess and plan accordingly. He should have considered what the effect of his actions was going to be. When upper management didn't listen to him, he should have taken his case even higher, to the president or board of directors if need be.

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