I really enjoy the blogging assignment. I think it was a great option for the grading contract and should be continued in the future. The only problem with it is, I sometimes forget about it and I end up doing three blogs the night before they are due! I know we are in college now and it’s not the professor’s job of reminding us to stay on top of this, but that would be nice. Maybe Prof. Powley could just insert a reminder in his slide with our upcoming assignments for the next week. I know I could benefit from a small reminder once a week, and I’m sure other students could too.


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I can do that. Thanks for the helpful feedback.

I totaly agree with Amanda Juliano in everything she states. First, the bloging assignment is fun, and very enriching for the flow of class contents and class materials. The things is that, more often than not, I forget the date that this assignment is due, so I end up writting all of the entries soon before the due date. The reminder thing that Amanda suggested is not bad at all. It could be helpful in the future.

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