April 26, 2006

Now on my last blog, anything i want to say but don't have a chance?

In this blogging assignment, i have mentioned alot related to 1 major course material which is the structural frame of a company. This is because the structure of a big airline interested me the most. I wanted to see how each level is organize within each company. I also read a lot of successful stories about a lot of company's CEO.

Something i didn't have a chance to mention and would love to are:

1) talk more about the political frame about airlines

This is a very good topic that i just realize right now near the end of the blogging assignment, i feel like political beliefs of airline companies should be very interesting.

2) companies' beliefs and values

I did mention some shared beliefs and values through out the blog, however, i should have ask the flight attendent Kelly when i had a chance.

how to run an airline company

I actually read a airline software that listed what each airline needs, however, they are too long and i cannot post it here.

At the end, i love this assignment and i have really learned a lot during the course of the whole process. I enjoyed it very much.

April 25, 2006

Non passenger airline- UPS

So far in the blog, I have only mention about passenger commercial airlines. In this blog, I am going to mention something about Transporting airport. UPS is one of the largest delivery company in the world. They are also the 9th largest airline in North America. These planes deliver about 14.8 million packages per day. As a result, the management level has to be very careful.John Beystehner, the Chief Operating Officer of UPS, is also the president of UPS Airlines.

To manage these airlines, UPS is very proud of themselves to meet stage 3 noise regulation with 100% on its fleets. They spent multi-billion dollar to do so. In fact, 92% have already meet Stage 4 noise regulations. At the same time, UPS is to develop a powerful computer network that can be efficiently dispatches UPS vehicles.

Another thing forget to mentions: How do you get paid?

Another story of mine I have to tell, I am sorry if it get boring.

The story start with.......

I Hate HOUSTON or I should hate Delta Airline. So i was flying back from Salt Lake City to Boston thru Houston. I was on a small planes that unusally fly from Cleveland to Washington's distance. The whole flight is about 2 hours and 50 minutes from SLC to Houston. With an hour away from Houston, the pilot told us that Houston airport is closed due to weather. Eventually, the pilot told us every 5 minutes with the airport runways cleared and being shut down. Finally, the pilot mentions, we will have to fly surround Houston for 45 mins, however, our plane does not have enough fuel to surround for 45 mins. As a result, we will go to Austin, Texas and wait for the runways clear up and we need to add more fuel. So at Austin, we were there for about 3 hours. I was sitting on the last row and the flight attendent were sitting there, so we have a good chat. She is a mom at SLC that only fly the route from SLC to Houston. I was asking why is the door open because it was summer and the plane is getting hot. She stated that the when the plane is on the ground, they have to leave the door open. It is Delta's policy. She mentioned that they got pay only when the plane's door shut.

On the same day or the one after, Delta declare bankrupty with Northwest Airline.

One interesting things i should mention earlier

I remember when our class is talking about Union, it reminds me of one of my experience with United Airlines. During class and in the reading, Professor Piderit and the book mentions that the percentage of workers in union is decreasing. We have mentioned that workers works for airline need to be unionize because of overtime and non fixed schedule.

The last summer, i had an interview with United Airline. Before the interview, the recruit gave a speech about what is the different between a line and a hub airport. She also mentioned that if one got hire, one have to joined the union within 45 days or the company might ask you to leave.

Airline management software??

For major airlines like United, they would have their programming team to have specific programs to track the general accounts of United and other information such as flight departure and arrival time and such. However, for smaller airline that I or a lot of others may never heard of, for example: alaska seaplanes, EC Air, Kam Air,Smokey Bay Air... they might not need a team of professionals to keep track of the arrival and departure time since these companies might only have 5 planes on their fleets. All these companies would use a software agency to do their management. The airlines I mentioned are customers of SkyVantage Software and consultant company. These software helps the airline provide Airline reservation system, flight operations system, revenue/yield management and general airline management services.

In their website, SkyVantage mentions "SkyVantage Corporation offers industry-leading products and services, consulting and reservation system hosting that specializes in helping small to medium and start-up airlines reduce operating costs, maximize revenue and efficiently manage their business. Our airline applications use the latest technology to help airlines reduce operating costs, maximize revenue and manage reservations and operations functions."

April 24, 2006

one way to get into the airline management field

So far, i have talked about a lot of the structural frame of the major airline's management. Here, I want to talk a blog to talk about a way prospect managers can get into the airline management industry. For some aviation schools, they offer degree and courses of airline management. Some of the most well-known aviation school would garantee a entry to mid level airline management jobs once graduate. Vaughn College of aernautics and technology's website, the school describe the course: "The airline management program is targeted toward meeting a need in the airline industry for qualified managers who have specialized training in this profession. Graduates of this program will be able to secure entry-level to mid-level management positions in airlines."

March 28, 2006

Air France corporate structure

i was trying to take a look at how do different country name their executives. In northwest airlines and american airlin, a lot of the names start with VP. Now, let's take a look at international level and see what these VP calls.

in England, British Airways
CEO, CFO, and CIO are the same as US's, however, they don't use the name Vice President of... instead, they us Director as a name.

When i get to Air France, the company has two different pages about their top level employees. 1. Executive committee and 2. board of directors. For executive committe, they are all the VPs and CEO, CFO. However, what is interesting is the board of directors. The Air France Board of Directors include 18 members and they are...

6 senior managment administrators
5 independent administrators
1 administrator representing French State and,
6 employee representatives