Prank call continental airlines 18005233273

I have a flight to go to Las Vegas on Monday. I already know the departure and arrival time. However, i wasted 5 mins to call Continental Hotline and ask the guy what is is. At the end, i say "Heyy Steve, may i please ask you a question. I am currently attending CWRU and in management class. I am doing a project about airlines management. May you please tell me your duty and your boss's?" Steve answer me withh his duty is generally modifying customers flight. However, he sites that nowaday, a lot of people are doing those things online. The only call they get are somethings that customer not expecting. When i ask about how about your manager and i ask if he controls other calling department like baggame claim or customer complaints department. He answers that his boss will do nothing much except just over him.


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sweet !

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