July 30, 2010

The Care to Air competition!

Hey all!

I haven't used this blog in awhile, but I figured I would see if people are still dropping in once in awhile. I recently developed a product that could help millions of people reduce their carbon footprint. It is a vertical clothesline called The Encompass Dryer. It also doubles as a flagpole!

Please go to www.myoocreate.com, and click on the Care to Air competition to vote! It takes a few seconds to make an account, but there are a lot of innovation contests on the website that I recommend everyone get involved in! Let me know what you think of my invention's design!

Thanks so much!

May 02, 2010

End of the Year, finishing a few things

Still waiting to speak with my advisor about whether or not my proposal meets with expectations. I'll be meeting with him in the upcoming week to discuss classes, so that will probably be the opportunity to bring up the proposal. My SOURCE proposal didn't work out, but I got feedback on it so I'll be going through that this summer. I plan on writing an article for ESR about proposal writing, that is if my work can be improved enough, in which case I'll be submitting that to the Fall issue.

Now I'm just waiting to see how everything for the Geol. Proposal looks!

April 28, 2010

Turned in

The proposal is turned in! I attempted to incorporate all of the critiques I received from other students, and I think that the end product was a lot better than the original proposal I produced. Most of the final comments were on grammar and clarity, so I went through the paper with a fine toothed comb to see what needed fixing. So then I hunted down the signatures I needed, and now the paper has been turned in!

April 22, 2010

Proposal Feedback

The class got back the consensus review board reports on our proposals. My problems were pretty much what I expected, such as too much repetition and a few grammar issues. Some of their problems came from confusion over how a history thesis is different, so I need to sort through the valid criticism and the inevitable topic confusion that arose.

The absolute final product is due Money, so that's a good amount of time to work on things. I'm going to go through it with a friend, I dropped off a draft with my advisor, and I still need to have another contributor sign the statement of commitment.

April 19, 2010

Peer Review

Today we're going to have mock panels, and review eachother's proposals from a professional standpoint. Depending on the feedback I get, I'm very open to heavily editing mine. My weakness was not in explaining the how in how I would prove my argument, so if that hasn't been improved enough I still have a few days to fix that.

I think it will be beneficial to look at the proposal from the reviewers point of view. It may make me understand what's better to include or exclude from my work. Additionally, I left a copy of my proposal with my advisor, so I may still be getting some feedback from him. He has high standards so hopefully my research was up to par with the history department.

April 13, 2010

Polishing and Finalizing

Tomorrow is the day to turn in the proposal! I need to clean up the grammar, and do more to explain how I will prove my points. This will be challenging, but I've got the whole night to brainstorm and write so I think it will work out alright.

The only aspect I've utterly failed in is getting ahold of my advisor, in order to have him sign the Statement of Commitment. Its apparantly a very busy week for professors with holds and scheduling classes, and he's chair so it's certainly even worse. At least I learned that sometimes you need to get ahold of people three weeks in advance because academia is that busy. Little things like that make me grateful I'm learning the in's and out's of proposal writing in more of a practice format.

Hopefully the final copy will be great! Luckily, the signatures won't need to go on until the copy that's due on the 26th. I'll be excited to see a final draft of it soon and see how it holds up to more natural science based proposals.

April 07, 2010

Writing, writing, more writing

I managed to get the proposal to 8 pages! Turned in the rough draft on Monday. I know the outline I had turned in earlier was 'not a proposal' so hopefully I fixed that problem. If I wrote another 8 pages of something that isn't actually a project proposal and I have to re-do the entire thing... my brain may self-destruct. This whole type of paper is very unfamiliar to me, which is why I'm glad I'm getting this practice. Being able to write a good proposal will be useful in a lot of my future endeavors.

I lengthened the paper by adding in a lot more background information and even began some of my research on the topic. Just hoping that this was actually what I was supposed to do. The problem was, I wasn't including enough information. We get the rough drafts back today, so hopefully the main bones of the paper I wrote are acceptable.

Speaking of proposals, I hear back from SOURCE this week concerning my electrochemistry project... waiting to hear back from people is the last painful leg of the proposal process, I think!