Entries for April 2005

Learning Plans work!

My MGMT 251 students are working this coming week on a revision to the learning plan that they handed in to me at the beginning of December as part of their coursework for MGMT 250. The idea of the revision is to ask students to take stock of their progress toward the goals that they set for themselves in their learning plan four months ago, and figure out if their action steps were well designed, or if they need to be revised. (Some students will also choose to revise their whole list of goals or their vision of their future and write new goals.)

I wish I had found the time to read http://planet.case.edu sooner, because I would have loved to tell them the story of Matt Heimbach's learning plan on the last day of class, as a way of reinforcing the point I always make on the last day of class... that students' learning about managing organizations and people always continues beyond the end of the semester, if they continue to practice the skills which they began to learn during the semester.

Congratulations, Matt, on learning to play the guitar! Please let Matt know if you might want to play in a jam session someday...

here's an update from Duke on their iPod experiment...

... which it sounds like we at Case could learn from. Read the update by a blogger who works in Student Affairs at Duke!