a new powerhouse for Weatherhead

He may only be 5-foot-2, and yet, Mohan Reddy can light up a room. He is modest and unassuming, and does not choose to step into the spotlight; however, he can carry burdens far greater than most, and without forgetting to stop and ask "how are you?" of his colleagues, students, or alumni.

Mohan was named the interim dean of Weatherhead in August of this year (2006), and at that time, I did not know him well personally. (Click on the link below to read more.)

Mohan's prior teaching had not been in degree programs where I had spent most of my time. Just four months later, though, I feel that I know him quite well; he has engaged so many different faculty and staff in conversations about who we are at Weatherhead, where we are going, and how we will get there, that his style is an open book.

In particular, Mohan invited me to serve in a working group, called the Strategic Planning Group, beginning in November. By the end of January, we will be providing our faculty with some conversation starters about where we go after the fall of 2007. Thinking through our middle-range timeline (from 18 months to 3 years out) in a collective way will be very helpful for Weatherhead as we aim to anticipate and remove obstacles, and identify and capitalize on opportunities.

Mohan has an excellent grasp of the strengths of our community, and as any high-profile advisor of technology managers would, he is encouraging all the members of our alumni, faculty, staff, and students to tell the story of Weatherhead's excellence in new ways. I am indeed grateful to the search committee, and especially to Diana Bilimoria, who chaired that committee, for their work in reviewing the nominations for this position, and interviewing the three finalists. All the candidates were of high caliber, and I am grateful that Mohan has accepted the permanent position as our Dean at Weatherhead.

I can think of no better person to help Weatherhead, Case, and Northeast Ohio polish our message and make great things happen. I am pleased to be a member of his team.


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