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I was tagged a few weeks ago by Tina Kreminski, at Omphaloskepsis, who was responding to a meme initiated here on Feb. 22.

I am in turn tagging George Nemeth, John Ettorre, Meredith Myers, and Heidi Cool.

So, click to read the details of my media consumption diet:

I believe my first email address was obtained in 1987. I remember the ClevelandFreeNet, and the moos and mushes that ran on campus when I was an undergraduate. My first website was constructed while I was a graduate student at the University of Michigan -- probably in 1995 or so. I've been a blogger since 2001.

* Browser - Firefox or Safari

* Email - MacMail and Spamcop (50-100 incoming messages per day)

* Bookmarks - and Firefox

* Aggregator - Bloglines (rarely used in last 6 months -- I don't have time!)

* Wiki - Wikipedia and Case Wiki. Rarely used.

* Groups - currently, the only email groups I read are the ones from CoolCleveland, ODC (a division of the Academy of Management), the Mather Center for Women at Case, and Sage Publications tables of contents for the Journal of Management Inquiry. (I receive several other enewsletters, but I don't read them consistently.)

* Blog Platform - Blog@Case, which is MoveableType. I also occasionally use livejournal (mostly to catch up on my friends who make friends-only entries there) and 43things

* IM - iChat, rarely used. (Often, to send links to my husband, who has his laptop open in the same room as me.)

* Skype - Limited. Mostly to connect with my sister in Switzerland.

With my new laptop, I have a built-in camera, though, so I expect that my use of Skype and iChat will increase.

NPR news during the weekday. Starting on Saturday morning at 10, it's Car Talk, Whad'ya Know? and A Prairie Home Companion. We also love Says You, and went to the show at Ideastream downtown last fall.

My husband is the family DJ. He plays all kinds of stuff (almost anything that isn't country or hard rock or classical). I have a few classical CDs in my car to listen to with my daughter, because that way, neither one of us gets mad at the other for singing along to a song with words.

My husband has a Sirius radio in his car, and we listen a fair amount to channels 70 and 71. I can connect my iPod to my car stereo, so I listen to my own custom mixes fairly often, instead of the radio, especially if I am depressed about the state of the planet or about American "democratic" political dynamics.

Tivo, almost exclusively. Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Psych, Monk, and occasionally, the classic West Wing and Law and Order episodes. Lots of Disney channel, Little Einsteins and Mythbusters with my daughter (but I'm usually only peripherally paying attention to those.)

the campus library, OhioLink, Cleveland Public and CHUH libraries, Crafters Choice, the local Borders, Mac's Backs, Appletree books, Joseph Beth, Amazon... lots and lots of books.

Audio Dharma, Relaxation Music, and sometimes, CoolCleveland. I have a very short commute, and don't wear my iPod when I'm doing yoga, so I don't have much podcast listening time.

NetFlix, occasionally (we don't watch something every Friday night). Last one I watched was Black Beauty, with my daughter.

Home phone, VOIP phone on campus, and cellular (Verizon, I think). High speed internet at home (wireless network) thanks to my husband's employer, who reimburses him since he telecommutes.

The New Yorker, Fast Company (online, too), and Working Woman

I won't mention academic journals.

The Plain Dealer, and until recently, the Sun Press.

Online -- the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Christian Science Monitor, and the San Jose Mercury News, but none of them every day. I also use google news with some custom keyword searches.


wow, I don't know how you find the time for all that reading. Who've got some good picks on there but, where's the Myspace or social networking pages?

Posted by mind map on April 7, 2007 10:57 PM

This is interesting to read. I stopped and went back thinking to my first email and I'd say it was around 1992 or so. Time flies when you are having fun! I rarely read the newspaper and get 99% of my mail online these days.

Posted by Deb on April 9, 2007 05:58 PM

Thanks for sharing this. It was interesting to reflect on these issues and ponder how such introspection aids us in developing our own online content. I've just posted my own response on the Web Development Blog.

Posted by Heidi Cool on April 10, 2007 02:59 PM

Wow, that's a lot of media in a day. Nice reminder of Car talk. I haven't heard Click and Clack for years now!

Posted by smitts on April 21, 2007 09:59 AM

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