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March 11, 2005

A little bit of background

What would you like to know about Prof. Piderit? Here's what I can tell you for now:

As of March, 2005, I was an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management at CASE, in Cleveland, Ohio. I do research on how to make businesses and other organizations more humane and productive, and I teach primarily in our undergraduate and PhD programs.

At that time my blog's tagline read "where she will blog, if she gets promoted" which shows that I was a little bit insecure about the fact that I was still only an assistant professor. We have a long tenure clock at Weatherhead (up to 9 years), and I have had a few years that didn't count on my clock, so I went up for promotion to associate professor without tenure in the summer of 2005. The promotion finally went through in the summer of 2006, which means that I'll be eligible for tenure sometime before the summer of 2009. Given that I came back to campus and began teaching in 1998, it sometimes feels like I'm "behind" my peers, but I try to reassure myself that "slow and steady wins the race" because I would really like to remain in this community.

My research website is hopelessly outdated, although my faculty profile has some updated information about completed projects, and my NEOBEAN site is developing nicely. NEOBEAN is a major action research project of mine, along with the other co-founder, Latha Poonamallee.

I'm on Ryze, and also on LinkedIn.

I blogged on livejournal for a few years before the Blog@Case platform was created at Case Western, and some of my old entries there demonstrate that I like to read, and not just business books. Another entry shows that I sometimes participate in internet memes, like the "100 things about me" meme.

I'm a wife, mother, cat-lover, and Cleveland Heights resident, so I may occasionally write posts in this blog about marriages, babies, and other significant community events that are not directly career related.

Oh, and I blog so much because I'm an insomniac and we have high-speed wireless in our home, so I can cuddle up with the cats and the laptop in the wee hours of the morning and do some warmup writing before moving on to my almost neverending list of writing, research, and teaching tasks. I have even, in the past, required my students to blog -- here's why -- or offered them the opportunity to blog about a specific busines topic, as a way of developing an online brand of expertise. Here are some examples of their work: here, and and here.

I also experiment with the use of other online tools to help my students learn managerial skills, like goal setting and progress tracking. In fact, I use the 43 things website myself -- here are my goals.