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February 12, 2006

no ordinary Sunday

I did something very unusual today (unusual for me, that is). I attended a worship service at the Unitarian Universalist Society on Lancashire Road in Cleveland Heights. I had been drawn by the invitation from Theresa Kine, interim minister, to celebrate February as a time to thaw and open up new space for growth within ourselves.

After the service, the minister introduced herself during the tea and coffee hour, and I asked her about her closing benediction, which I had found especially powerful... it included a phrase or two about "greeting the spiritual in our lives with laughter and with tears" and something about the strength to suffer hopefully. She said it was by Forrest Church of All Souls in NYC. I have not been able to find the benediction online, but I did find this very recent sermon of his, which was a powerful read. It is entitled "you say you're not religious", which is one of the things I have said many times in my life. He does a good job of giving a realistic preview of what it would mean to join a UU community.

If you are seeking answers to spiritual questions, like me, I hope you had the good fortune to hear wisdom shared today in a community of likeminded people.