December 08, 2005

social responsibility of a company

A few weeks ago we discussed the social responsibility of a company. I think it is the company's responsibility to become involved with the surrounding community. If the company wants to invest in the lives of its employees, it will spend some resources helping the surrounding community in various ways. Social responsibility also deals with ethical behavior. If a company promotes proper moral and ethical behavior, it will in turn affect the local vicinity and positively affect the employees and their families. Change is not always going out and beating people over the head with your beliefs; change is often a response to learning by example. If a company wants to be respected and thought highly of, they should take their social responsibility to the community seriously.

December 07, 2005

HR simulation annual report

Our team has been working on the annual report and finalizing all last minute changes and decisions. I thought the HR simulation would be a joke when we were first given the assingment because I did not think a simulation could accurately describe circumstances in the work environment. I was wrong in my thoughts about the simulation, and as it ends up, I learned a lot from the simulation. Each person in our team was required to write something for the annual reports and quarter reports. It was through analyzing graphs and looking at trends that I learned about managing a company and working with a team to organize the company efficiently. I thought the concept of the HR simulation was fantastic, just maybe a few modifications could be made for next time. But overall, I thought it was a good learning experience and helpful in providing the students with developed skills for future classes and jobs.

December 06, 2005

overview of class

This entry is dedicated as an overview of the 250 course. At first I thought it may be an easy course which required little work. But after the first few reading assignments and case studies I realized I was wrong. Through all the readings I have learned a lot about all the concepts we have discussed in class. The readings make the material very applicable. Also the learning style, MBTI and the my values tests have all been helpful for me as a person to evaluate myself. Writing the learning plan was also beneficial to me now and for future goal setting times because it helped me really dig deep and get to know who I am as a person. My perspective on the class at the end of the semester is much different than my perspective at the beginning of the class; I enjoyed the class very much.

December 05, 2005

learning plan part II

Initially I thought this assignment would be fairly easy to write about myself and just sort of breeze through. As it turns out, I am putting a lot more thought and time into this section of the learning plan. I think the "Catch your dreams" exercise was very beneficial and thought provoking. It has made me think a lot about my future goals and in general, how to achieve goals. This has been a good learning experience and helpful for future goals.

November 29, 2005

Holland's Theory

I thought our class discussion on Holland's Theory was thought provoking. I was somewhat perplexed on how Holland came up with his theory and the way it works. In class we discussed 6 different categories that divided people systematically into groups based on interests and career objectives. It was difficult for me to see how any career could be chosen soley on interests and personal characteristics. It does not seem logical that people can choose a career based on this method. I think that interests, characteristics of a person, personality, as well as many other aspects should be looked at before classifying a person into one of six groups. I also do not think merely six groups is enough to classify millions of people. I am not sure exactly what to suggest that would change Holland's theory to make it more plausible, but some aspect of the theory must be changed in order for it to be effective in any way. Possibly incorporate more specific requirements for specified careers or determine what kind of candidate the job is searching for. Any alteration to make the categories more specific will help the student use this tool more effectively.

November 06, 2005

HR continued

The HR simulation seems to be going fairly decent. It has been a different experience than I thought it would be. Budgeting money, how to hire or promote people in order to conserve money,and what plans to implement have all been a part of the simulation. Being required to be in charge of all these things as a group is a big job with the annual report coming up. So far it has been a good learning tool, so we'll have to see what the next quarter brings.

Jonah Creighton case study

I wrote my paper on the Creighton case study and found it very applicable to today's modern world. As companies and corporations increase diversity, racial discrimination will occur and ethical standards will be tested. I was not shocked when the response from Britain was told to Jonah, but moreso disappointed. As there are many people that are very ethical and respectful of the differences between people, there are those who are demeaning and not respectful of others in the work place. As hard as we try to create a positive and uplifting work environment, there will always be that one person or that apathetic group of people that hinder the process of fighting discrimination and unethical behavior. Until we implement new tactical procedures on how to address such problems, we will not be able to change these ethical problems that arise in the working world.