December 13, 2006

Management 250

On the last day of management 250 class, the class shared thought on the course. I personally feel that management 250 class was a big help for me in many aspects. Through HR simulation, I learned a lot about managing companies. I found the HR difficult sometimes, but overall, it was a good opportunity for me to learn something new. Also, I personally feel that the interview taught me a lot about how interviews work and what is expected from the companies. This interviewing experience is going to help me a lot through my future interviews. There are many other positive experiences from this class, and hope to continue to learn in Management 251. Throughout the semester, Management 250 class was a good opportunity for me to learn the real business world, as well as my self.

Learning Plan- My Personal Goal

Another goal that we had to write was our personal goals. I thought about many, and decided to write one related to my hobbies. My personal goal is to earn Korean chef license within 2 years. As a person who values their happiness and creativity, cooking come very important to me. Cooking is one of my hobbies that I enjoy doing. From this, I find my happiness. I often try making new foods and come up with my own recipe for others which involves a bit of creativity. I personally feel that cooking is very fun and special, and it is the best way to keep me happy. What more important could there be than a happiness from what you enjoy doing? It always had been my small wish to earn the chef license and I want to take specific action towards meeting my goal.

December 12, 2006

Leaning Plan- My Career-related Goal

Few days ago, I turned in my final learning plan. Writing the part 2 of the learning plan made me think once again about my future, especially the time that I will be at Case Western Reserve University. My career-related that I wrote about is studying abroad in Japan for next year. I believe that this is of the most crucial learning goals for my future. From studying abroad and experiencing other culture, I get an opportunity to see the different view of the world which can be a big help in becoming a wise leader. I also think that foreign language is important in global business world, and it will be a good chance for me to learn more Japanese, which is my third language. I wrote number of action plan that can help me achieve this goal successfully, such as attending Japanese connection meetings as well as continuing my Japanese class.

HR Simulation and the Final Annual Report

Our group collaborated worked hard together on writing the final annual report. The last quarter was hard for our company because almost every result including our two main priorities, morale and productivity, dropped significantly. Nonetheless of our hard work to do the best for our company, unfortunately the results were not quite at the expected level. However, we had some positive results as well. Increasing the percentage of women and minorities hired was one of our main goals, and we were able to increase it even higher than we expected. Through the HR simulation, I learned that everything relates to one another. For example, increase in productivity brings up morale, which then reduces absenteeism. Over the two years, I learned a lot and very much enjoyed working with our group.

Tom Mendola’s case and My Opinion

The other day in class, we discussed Tom Mendola’s case. There were debates on whether he should be fired or stay in the company. My classmates had several different ideas and shared interesting thoughts. This was a hard case for me to come up with a decision. My opinion for this case is that the company should fire Tom Mendola. He’s work performances were not improving although he was given several different warnings and chances. Also, I believe that it is not fare to the other workers that he is being specially treated. Overall, he gives negative impact on the company as well as the co-workers. Therefore, even if we are all sorry for Tom Mendola, he should be fired.

November 11, 2006


In class on November 8th, the class shared their opinions on feedbacks and learned about effective ways to give and take feedbacks. Before this class, I really haven’t thought carefully about feedbacks. Throughout this class, I learned that positive feedbacks can be helpful in improving good aspects even better and negative feedbacks can be medicine; feedbacks can only be a help in situations. Thinking about negative sides of feedbacks, I found myself not appreciating negative feedbacks in the past, especially on the works that I have put my best effort on. I have been expecting only positive feedbacks. From now on, I should work on accepting negative feedback as well in order to be better.

Dreams and Goal Setting

On November 6th in management class, we had an exercise of discussing our goals and dreams. At first, I found it hard to list 17 dreams on post-it notes, because I thought of dreams as something very vague and hard to achieve. However, after listening to other classmate’s dreams and professor lecture, I realized that dreams can be much more specific. After realizing that, I personally categorized my dreams and goals to short–term and long-term goals. I learned that both short-term and long-term goals are equally important; I saw my short-term dreams as steps towards my lifelong dreams. For example, one of my short-term goals was to graduate from college and one of my long-term dreams was to become a CEO of a company. In order to get my dream job, diploma was initial step to reach the goal. Sitting in the class and looking over my dreams I realized that I was only focusing on short-term goals. In future, I should often have my own time when I can think about my lifelong dream as well.