May 08, 2007

Episode 12: 5-8-07

Episode 12: Discuss at Spiderman spiderman, sucking like only a spiderman can. Hear our laments over the grave of the most recent Spidey flick. Plus a healthy dose of gaming news. Have at ye! Podcast recorded 5-7-07

May 04, 2007

Episode 11: 5-4-07

Episode 11: Discuss at While Tom plays four copies of Pokemon at once the rest of the crew discusses what non-Poke games they've played and the success of Hot Fuzz. Unable to resist the allure of discussing Pokemon the whole show the On the Mind segment regresses into a Poke-discussion. New games announced and a definitive Cooking Mama: Cook Off review from Justin and Kaz. Oh yeah, and the crew discusses Pokemon Diamond/Pearl too. Mmm, double podcast week! Podcast recorded 4-30-07

April 17, 2007

Episode 10: 4-17-07

Episode 10: Discuss at Heroes is coming back soon and here at RoflcopterDown Inc. we couldn't be more excited. Justin played the Pokemon demo, and the rest of us try and enjoy it vicariously. Tons of news and Some Super Paper Mario discussion. Dust off your Wii, it's time to play a game with an old mascot that doesn't stink. Enjoy!Podcast recorded 4-16-07

April 10, 2007

Episode 9: 4-10-07

Episode 9: Unlockables false advertising? Microtransactions forced down your throat? We understand how you feel. Also, we watch in silence as a girl cries to Sanjaya's performance. Hilarity ensues. We admit to more Pokemon obsessions. Tune in next week for celebrity surgery! Podcast recorded 4-9-07

New RoflcopterDown Message Board

Since is usually uncooperative, I created a proboards message board for the podcast.

Discuss there if you want, accounts are free.

April 03, 2007

Episode 8: 4-3-07

Episode 8: On today's episode, video game journalism part 2: the scales of reviews. We also discuss S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Shivering Isles, upcoming patches, the new hotness "elite" 360 and the big trailer for the number "IV". And some video game-centric news as well. Enjoy! Podcast recorded 4-2-07

Episode 7: 3-27-07

Episode 7: Yet another podcast was lost to the bowels of the Freedman Recording Studio. In this episode we discuss the state of previews and talk about Worms, Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Lunar Nights, Advanced Wars and God of War II. The big Devil May Cry news and what it moving to multiplatform means to gaming. Also, can we take any more mid-season breaks in our favorite shows? Tune in to find out! Podcast recorded 3-26-07 in Justin and Kaz's apartment. Enjoy!