December 11, 2005

MGMT 251

I am really looking forward to MGMT 251, especially having Professor Piderit as our professor. I really appreciated all of her help to my group on our HR Simulation. One thing that I hope we don't have to do in MGMT 251 is blogs. I forget if we have to or not, but I don't think it's actually a good thing. I think most students just pick random things to talk about and don't really care what they right down just as long as it's long enough and on time. I am, however, looking forward to having the same people in the class. It's nice to have the same people in the class because we already know how everyone is in groups, it moves along the process of working together. Also, I am interested in doing the term project because I actually like working in groups and I'm anxious to see exactly what we will be doing. All in all, I'm excited to come back from break without stress from one class.

MGMT 250

When I was first in MGMT 250, I'll tell you, I didn't like it. Also, I got some bad first impressions of people in charge of the class. People say that first impressions are what matter, but I disagree. The more I went to the class, the more and more my first impressions were proven wrong (even though they were right on target when they happened). I am pretty proud of myself because I completely changed my opinions of those in charge and they ended up teaching me a lot throughout the course. We talked about first impressions on the first day and I was made fun of because I said that I like to shop. See, if I would've held my grudge about that, I wouldn't have learned probably anything in this class. I don't think first impressions are what matter, I think people need to find a way to adjust them and change them. First impressions aren't really what a person is like, it's what a person is like at that moment. So, I just want to say that my first impression has completely changed about this course and almost everything related to it. I think Professor Powley is a great teacher and that Meredith is an awesome TA. I'm really glad my opinion changed because it allowed me to enjoy this class.

Learning Plan Part Two

Surprisingly, I actually liked doing the first part about the Learning Plan. It allowed me to find out a lot about myself. However, I don't enjoy doing the second part. It's really hard for me because I don't really have any goals for the next 6 months to 3 years, except for graduating college. So, I basically have to make stuff up. That's not fun for me at all. Also, to make specific goals that I don't even really consider goals, that's challenging and pointless. I guess I don't have any goals because there are many things I want to do, but most of them, I do without a plan, they are just strictly impulsive and spontaneous. I think goals are restricting and planned, and I don't want my life to be either one of them. I know that sounds crazy, but that's just how I feel. So, I don't like doing the second part of the Learning Plan for those reasons.

Tom Mendola Case

When I read this case, I couldn't see how anyone would not agree with firing him. He was reprimanded five plus times and it didn't do anything. That's ridiculous. I did, however, agree with transferring him and giving him a second chance in that respect. After he failed to live up to what he said, I think that was the last time he was given a break. I think that he should definitely get fired and as for his appeal about his family needing the money, I think that is completely irrelevant. He should've thought about the importance of and the dependency that his family held on the money earlier. He had numerous times to redeem himself, and he didn't. He needs to deal with the consequences of his actions and stop trying to put a guilt trip on the supervisors.

HR Second Annual Report

At first when I was thinking about doing the second annual report, I wasn't too thrilled. However, when I started doing it, I thought it came together better than what I thought. My team really came together and it was really nice to see. Also, it was really nice to finally get the HR Simulation over. Even though I thought that it was a really good learning experience, it was just a hassle ever week. Luckily, since my team was so great, it wasn't as bad as what it could've been.

November 06, 2005


I think that incentives are a great thing to have in a workplace. It was stated that in class that pay "may undermine intrinsic motivation." I find this to be untrue in relation to myself. When I get out of college, I would love to get a job in which I have a certain set pay, but I also make commission. I love selling things to people. I worked at a job over the summer, in which I didn't work on commission, but I sold stuff to people everyday and I loved it. Selling things to people gives me intrinsic motivation because I like to see people happy with what they are purchasing and I don't try to sell something that I know the customer will not be entirely happy with. By working on commission, I would get the intrinsic motivation of making my customers happy, but I will also be rewarded with money, which will be an extrinsic motivation. I think it just depends on what kind of incentives you are getting and the way you go about getting those incentives. I wouldn't go about getting the money from commission as simply receiving money, but as something that motivates me to help someone be happy and just getting an extra bonus of money from that.

HR Simulation

I decided to write this blog on the HR Simulation now because we are just getting ready to write up the annual reports. I kind of have mixed feelings about the HR Simulation. On one hand, I think that it really does simulate some situations we as managers will be put into when we become managers. It is a really good learning experience to take part in this project. I hope to continue to learn more as the semester goes on. On the other hand, I find team projects to be somewhat unfair. In general, a few people end up doing all the work for one reason or another and I've heard this from many different people on many different teams. I'm not speaking personally about this because I think that would also be unfair. Another way that I think this is a good learning experience is because it improves teamwork and allows the team to come to a decision by working together towards the intended goals.