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June 16, 2010

Bloggers beware: Teacher learns hard way to watch what she posts

The Cleveland Plain Dealer on June 16th shared an article called Bloggers beware: Teacher learns hard way to watch what she posts, which describes consequences of her blog posts on her employment.

This example did have other circumstances such as parental influences and other communications.

June 01, 2010


Case offers a blogging platform for all Case students, staff, and faculty, called Blog@Case. It is powered by MovableType, which is probably one of the top blogging platforms being used. In the future, the Learning 2.0 @ CWRU blog will provide additional information about MovableType such as template and tricks to customize your blog.

The Blog@Case Directory lists all existing blogs on the Case system.

Planet Case is an aggregation of all of the recent blog posts of the Case Blog system. It is a wonderful way to see what the Case community is talking about, learning, researching, etc.

At Blog@Case: Topics, you have see a "tag cloud" that represents the hot topics in the last 30 days on the Case blog system. We will talk about "tagging" and tag clouds later. For now, just realize that the larger the word is in the tag cloud means it was used more.

For additional information if you have a Case blog or are considering starting one, you can look at Blog@Case FAQ or the Case Blog Cheat Sheet.