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May 08, 2009

Special Collections and Partnering for Information Literacy

On May 5th and 7th Special Collections staff and local area high school students met in the Hatch Reading Room as part of a KSL Partnership for Information Literacy project. One of several programs provided by Community Outreach @KSL, Partnership for Information Literacy connects the library with local schools and community groups to provide 21st Century Literacy skills training.

Our visitors were working on an exercise in finding, evaluating and using library resources called “Get a Clue.” CWRU students worked as mentors and guides through the several resource demonstrations in the library. In addition to providing one of the “clues” (a 400 year old book) Sue Hanson, Head of Special Collections, selected items from the collection to illustrate a brief talk on the history of creating information sources, from a 274 B.C. papyrus fragment to our modern Encyclopedia of Cleveland History.

Pictured below are the students and the "clue" they found in Special Collections during their visit.

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Students used library tools to search for a 400+ year old book on astronomy and wound up in Special Collections to examine Introductorium in astronomiam Albumasaris Albalachi... printed in 1489.

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