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September 02, 2011

Papers and Archives from the Former Case Archive of Contemporary Science and Technology

In consideration of the November 3-6 annual meeting of the Society for the History of Technology, co-located with the meetings of the History of Science Society and the Society for the Social Studies of Science in Cleveland, we would like to devote a few lines to a small but significant group of archives and papers in the Special Collections Research Center whose provenance and disposition make them of particular interest to those organizations. The bespoke collections are those of the former Case Archive of Contemporary Science and Technology (Case Archive).

Dr. Robert Schofield (left) receives Forest History Society Approved Repository certificate. ca. March, 1964 for the Case Archive. Upon recent reappraisal the Forest History Materials deposited in the Case Archives in the 1960's have been returned to the Forest History Society for use in their collection building and digitization projects. Photo credit: Rebman Photographers, Cleveland, Ohio. For The Case Institute of Technology. From the files of the Forest History Society.

Established in 1963 through the efforts of Dr. Robert E. Schofield, Professor of History of Science at the then Case Institute of Technology, the Case Archive grew to house over 30 archival collections, a number of rare and important books and serials and more than 25 single manuscript items for the purpose of preserving them for use by scholars of the history of science and technology.

After federation in 1967, the Case Archive existed briefly as an independent unit but was eventually transferred to the newly combined libraries of Case Western Reserve University. In 1972 the Special Collections department [now the Special Collections Research Center] was established and the Case Archive was placed on deposit there.

Most of the original Case Archive can still be found on our shelves, though not as a separate administrative unit. The following collections, from the original archives and papers gathered into the Case Archive of Contemporary Science and Technology between 1963 and 1972 are available for use by researchers upon request. Please contact Special Collections Research Center staff for additional information about these and other Case Archive materials mentioned in this post.

Charles G. Abbot Papers development of gyroscopic apparatus by General Electric Co.

Donald J. Angus Papers development of the Esterline-Angus Co.

Babcock & Wilcox Collection
22photographs of the Renfrew, Scotland plant, 1903

Charles F. Brush, Sr. Papers personal, business and scientific papers of the inventor of the arc lighting system

William D. Buckingham Papers concentrated arc lamp and Western Union

Cleveland Rocket Society Collection
records, 1934-38; history 1963-64

Fred H. Colvin Papers history of the American machine tool industry

Hugh S. Cooper Papers
processes in chemistry, electro-chemistry and metallurgy

Allston Dana Papers design of the third lock of the Panama Canal; bridge building

William Clarence Ebaugh Papers
chemistry education, industrial pollution

S. Colum Gilfillan Papers
invention and patent history and development

Norman P. Goss Papers metallurgy, continuous castings, silicon steel

Clifford M Holland Papers New York City, East River tunnel construction

Mechanical Rubber Company Collection photographs of the Cleveland, Ohio Laboratory, 1930

NASA Collection conference papers, public relations and history material

Charles Baldwin Sawyer Papers Brush industries manufacturing and manufacturing records, Brush and Sawyer personal papers

Warner & Swasey Collection machine tool industry and astronomical observatories

Charles Brush, Sr. standing in front of scientific equipment in basement of Euclid Avenue home. undated. From the Charles F. Brush, Sr. Papers.

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