December 11, 2005

Dos Equis is the Greatest

I would like to take this time to personally thank the members of Dos Equis. It was great working with you guys. Before this, I never liked working in groups or teams, but this was different. We were more than just students working on a project; we were colleagues that worked around our differences for a common goal. A goal that we completed very well. Thanks and good luck on finals. :)

Career Center

I would have to say that the Career Center visits have been a highlight of the MGMT 250 class. These sessions were very informative and interesting. Students do not hear much about it usually and that is why the Center is not utilized fully. I think more people should know about it. It teaches life long skills and helps a person to re-evaluate their purpose. Various skill tests show that one may be better at something other than their major.

December 10, 2005

Learning Plan

I am very greatful for the Learning Plan project. It has taught me many things. Never before had I taken the time to thoroughly evaluate my life and career goals. Through the interviews, I learned of the struggles and advancements made by those around me. In today's society, it is hard to find people of color who have made significant achievements, but these people are ones that I have seen everyday.

Tommy Boy

In the case of Tom Mendola very interesting conversation was made in class. Tom worked at a job that he did not like. That was his first problem. I believe that family and work should be separate, so to get his family involved in his work ethic should not be done. Yes, his family is having problems, but that has nothing to do his work and his laziness. I believe that Tom was given too many chances and should have been fired.

December 05, 2005

All Praise the Appraisal!

Where would we students be without the teacher evaluation at the end of the year? For some, it's just a waste of time, but for others it's a time to vent the feelings that they have been holding in the entire semester just awaiting this moment. Whether you check three for everything or blast your professeor with ones (lowest). There should be a basic criterion across the board for professor appraisal. It should take into account the amount of material taught as compared to the amount of the material that was comprehended. This would be evident via grade distribution. Because to talk to the class and to talk at the class are two different things. Another criterion should be whether the professor made an attempt to assist the student outside of the classroom. If the professor does not hold office hours or SI sessions in particularly difficult subjects, he or she should not be surprised if the class percentages are low. Finally, the professor should be appraised on how much time in the class was actually used to teach the material and how well he or she knows the materials. I have had some classes that were discussion based that always ended up being professor dominated life stories.

November 06, 2005

Have times really changed?

Have times really changed? That's something that I ask myself all the time. The Jonah Creighton discussion stirred up some feelings inside of me that I have been feeling a lot this year as I've been presented with ignorance more and more. It's as if people don't think racism exists anymore, but they continue to spew it more subtly. The comments during discussions about racism i.e. Jonah Creighton show me that it still exists, but the people who speak it only think that it's their opinion and in turn I'm just being sensitive. I don't think that I'm being sensitive, but I think that there's just a lot that they don't understand.

Rudeness in Class

Here's something else that I would like to address. The rudeness in class is getting out of hand. Why can't we raise our hands? Why can't we take turns speaking? We are adults, not in kindergarten. It's bad enough that peers get interrupted, but it's really disrespectful when one has the audacity to interrupt the professor. I just thought this needed to be brought to light in people didn't realize that they were doing it.