March 22, 2008

Research in Second life

The other day I went to the medical simulation center to observe the research using Second life in part. The PI compared three different activities of students in a simulation clinic: (1) An interview between medical students and standardized patients. (2) An interview between medical students and a puppet standardized patient. (3) An interview between medical students and standardized patients’ avatars in Second life. For the second and third activities, the students did not see the real patients face to face. The puppet and avatars in second life are amazing! In my opinion, the puppet is better than avatars in second life since it can move its mouth and limbs including showing its emotions under the control of the patient actor who controls the tablet connected with a computer. Although the avatars in second life cannot move their mouths, they are free to use. There is not much investment in second life compared with puppets. Moreover, we can arrange instruments and atmosphere as a real situation in both second life and the place where the students took the interviewing test. These help the students feel like they are in a real clinic. I hope someday my nursing students will have this practice with interviewing and physical examination of virtual patients before they interview real patients .

By the way, I was very impressed what all staff at the medical simulation center and ITAC did. They were very active and willing to help the researcher conduct her research.

March 18, 2008

Second life

Who is going to believe???????

I have my Avatar. I send the picture of my Avatar to Kung, my friend. She has not believed that I did it by myself……e’e’e……….I will not tell her that it is not that difficult. Let she think that I am so smart especially in computer technology.

Now I am installing second life application into my computer. Probably something is wrong since it has been being downloaded since 20 minutes ago, and I got only 40% !!! No problem, today I have plenty of time. We will see what happened when it is done.

My Avatar went to newee (not sure) island first. This island helped me learn how to move the Avatar by using page up, page down buttons and cursors, communicate (talk or write down messages), search, and change my appearance. Later on I moved to help island. Everything in this island is free. It was called freebie (I was thinking of Frisbee, a game that I first play when I came here a year ago; it was fun though). So I changed my clothes here from a Japanese girl to an American girl. I like blond hair, so now I am a good looking girl with blond hair and long legs (never be real). I also had wings like an angel. However, wings are not necessary since I can fly without wings. Eventually I am ready to fly to the main island, Clevelandplus. See you tomorrow.

One hour has gone. My computer has been downloading the application.

March 12, 2008


Wow!!! I have my own course on Blackboard.
There are three students in my class, Genevieve, Mridu, and Kung. We all had interactive participation in the class. I used most tools such as course tool – assignment, announcement, course document, course information -, communication and collaboration tools - chat, virtual class room, blog, discussion board -, assessment tools - test, survey, grade book -, and user management. Blackboard is also allow instructors to record their virtual classrooms.

I want to say that Blackboard is user-friendly software. It allows instructors to put course materials, links, and quizzes onto the World Wide Web without knowing HTML. All its easy handle tools will definitely encourage my college, who are unknowledgeable about computer technology, can create our online courses willingly, and enjoy to use it.

However, I found that it need a huge money to invest with this system.

According to
Blackboard executives, costs for their network environment products, including Blackboard Learning
System, may start low but as subscribers integrate more functions into Blackboard, subscription
licenses may be $200,000 to $400,000-a-year(Bradford, porciello, Balcon, & Backus, 2007).

Although it provides powerful and easy to use systems for educational instruction, communication, and assessment, I do not think that my school can afford this burden. Looking for open sources probably be the best solution.

Course management systems that I have known are Blackboard, ecollege, CourseInfo. Other open source systems are , for instances, Moodle, and Atutor.

What is blackboard? Here is answer. Anyway, the article form Bradford, porciello, Balcon, & Backus (2007) give me more information about Blackboard.

* Course management systems (sometimes called courseware) are web-based software program that provide online versions of class rosters, course outlines, assignments, discussions, quizzes, and grade books.

March 11, 2008

First meeting (copy)

I do not know what happened, but I could not find my first copy is. It is not shown!! So this in a duplicated one.
Overview of the School of Nursing, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai, Thailand.
The School of Nursing is a large organization consisting of 164 full-time faculty members, and 130 full-time academic support staff. The school is divided into eight departments, and there are 1,300 students, both undergraduate and graduate, studying in three national undergraduate programs, 11 national graduate programs and in one international program each for undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees. The school is under the control of the Ministry of Education, so it is high on formalization.

The school has a Computer Service Center available for students and faculty members, which offers word-processing and on-line facilities, research programs, and training to ensure up-to-date competence in all computer-based applications. The Center, which is composed of four IT staff, is responsible for maintaining the computers throughout the faculty, and is connected to the main University network for research and communications. About 163 computers in computer laboratories are provided to students. Every computer has been connected each other via LAN.

The website of the school is

• Today I have learned about Blog. In the past I just knew the definition of it, but now I am going to use it. That would be great!

• What does this following address tell us?
1. index htm tells about homepage.
2. en is a file in folder named webthai.
3. webthai is a folder in folder named plan.

• I am going to figure out what kind of methods that the school has used to make online course. How do they deliver their curriculum? How do they transfer web files to a server? However there are several means to transfer:
1. Using code: only programmers could do that.
2. Using some software such as Dream weaver, Front page, Golive, Flash
3. Portal/ Form to fill out: fill your contents in a template.
4. Enterprise system: it is like blackboard.

I found out that the school use ATutor to deliver online course. ATutor is an open source web-based learning content mamagement system (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability in mind. Is it some types of portal/form to fill out?

CAI is a Computer Assisted Instrction. It is an offline, not online.

February 26, 2008


There are many ways to create videoconference
1. Using Adobe connect
2. Using Web ex which may have high quality than the first one in term of oversea talking.
3. Using Skype
4. Using Endpoint (a big camera comes with a monitor): There are three types of endpoint including
4.1 Polycam used mostly on a campus and a business.
4.2 Lifesize: only deal with HD
4.3 Tandberg (I am not sure since I could not write my handwriting).

What do we need for videoconferencing
1. Adobe connect or web ex
2. Camera
3. Microphone: we can use a microphone in a camera, but it may cause some problems such as echo, delay etc, so we gonna use headset.
4. Headset

About Adobe Connect
You do not have to install it. Just click at the URL someone gave you. The organization who want to have it has to purchase it from that company.

Adobe connect allow you to share only picture, movies (flash, jpg, etc. You cannot share excel, doc, pdf etc. However, that is not a problem since you (as a host) may show those documents by opening them on your screen and allowing participant seeing your screen.

There will be two users on a screen: Host who can controll everything, and participants.

There are many tools for users such as note, discussion note, chat, weblink, poll that can calculate immediatly after participants' voting(so cool).

Adobe connect allows participant outside the real meeting building see power point sharper than using TEC.

February 11, 2008


I am glad I feel more comfortable with technology. Today I have learned about recording video by using a digital video camcorder. A camcorder is a portable electronic device for recording video and audio using a built-in recorder unit. Today I shoot two courses, ENGR145 and PHYS121 at Strosacker Auditorium, and course PHYS221 at Rockefeller

Building. That is also good opportunity to visit these two building, and see American classroom's atmosphere. It is not too much differece from those in Thailand though. By the way, the things that I have record will go through courseware automatically. Amazingly it would be changed from MPEG2 to Flash, window media,quick time, and MP3 automatically with a technology system. Oh, for the last lecture, there was no TEC in the room. So what he record was in a mini video tape. Then it will be converted from video to digital format, I guess.

Find time to read this website:

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February 06, 2008

Digital image

Panoramic quick time movie is so cool. I would recommend my school using it. Just take a picture of a classroom, shot by shot all around a classroom, via digital camera only. Then use an Uleadcool 360 program to make panorama, and save it as quick time movie. It is not that difficult. AV guys in the school are able to do that. No good excuse!! The bottom line is that it dose not take a large size compared with video recording.

Tip for photoshop: Reduce size of a picture before sending to others's mail by going to Image---Image size------solution(change to 100). That is it!