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June 18, 2005

Bold, Audacious, and Ultra-Broadband

In the recent issue of Campus Technology, Mary Grush and I chatted about OneCleveland and the relationship between universities and their cities. A growing number of contacts around the world have asked about Case and its relationship to OneCleveland. This link might be helpful for those who stumble on it.

From the interview:

Mary Grush: About OneCleveland: When you began as VP for IT services and CIO at Case four years ago, did you already have thoughts of developing a city-wide or regional broadband network?

Lev: I was attracted to Case because of the remarkable coalescence of higher education, health care, cultural, and arts institutions in the city. As I was discussing the possibility of moving from California to Ohio, I outlined a stream-of-consciousness thought process about the way in which a great university can leverage its core competency in information technology to help other institutions like museums and hospitals evolve together into something new, exciting, and maybe not yet fully understood.

For the entire interview, click here.

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