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August 15, 2005

Case and OneCleveland Selected as Top Campus Technology Innovator of 2005

This just in. Campus Technology (Syllabus Magazine) has just announced the top 13 campus technology innovators of 2005.

Case Western Reserve University and its leadership for the OneCleveland initiative joins an elite group of schools for the class of 2005 innovators award.

Here's the lead in to the center fold story:

IN THE NEVER-ENDING EFFORT to better serve students, faculty, and staff via technology, some college and university campuses take the kind of initiative—even out-and-out risk— that results in advances previously thought impossible, or at least, far down the pike.

The institutions we highlight here have pursued their technology challenges with the kind of doggedness that should serve as a model to other institutions wondering just how far they can push their own envelope. Whether it’s to advance foreign language learning through the use of digital technology; attract new students from previously untapped regions via superb Web portal services and customization; or improve the management, tracking, and security of chemical materials on the campus, the colleges and universities in this special feature have taken the initiative and followed through with people, process, and technology each step of the way. Most critical to the success of these initiatives are the vision and leadership of particular campus administrators, faculty, and staff. Equally important, in many cases, was the campus/vendor partnership forged to support the challenge and see it through. For those readers facing their own similar challenges, we say: Use these stories for inspiration, guidance, and even to make contact.

Here's a link to the complete story online.

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