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September 06, 2005

Case and Cleveland to Launch Institute for Digital Cities

OneCleveland has been part of the emergence of a series of thus far largely disconnected digital cities. Helping to frame replicable, scalable solutions for connecting cities around the world has already proven to be a highly desirable outcome. Sharing of experiences among emerging digital cities is another deliverable that has already attracted significant interest. In general, the emergence of digital cities around the world and the need to both provide context as well as multidisciplinary understanding has led Case to open a community-wide dialogue on the efficacy of launching an ambitious new public policy institute on the digital city. As proposed, the Institute will be a collaboration of the IdeaCenter and Case’s College of Arts and Sciences, the Weatherhead School of Management, and the Mandel School of Applied Social Science with support from the Division of Information Technology Services. The original framing questions for the Institute including 10 key issues for the future of the Digital City.

• Civic Life and New Democracy
• Commercial Activity and Entrepreneurship
• Collaboration and Community Building
• Citizenship and Human Capacity Building
• Communication and Human Interaction
• Culture and Art
• Community Health Care
• Convenience and Personalization
• Content and Control
• Compelling Application Development

The Institute partners have outlined an ambitious public policy research agenda to focus its activities. The segments under active review, including the development of virtual working research teams, and adjunct fellows program include:

• Re-Inventing the Urban Experience
• Healthcare Research and Delivery
• K-12 Education
• Disaster Planning
• Transportation
• Housing and Urban Planning
• Culture and the Arts
• Advanced Research and Commercialization
• Life on the Fringe: Counter Culture in the Digital City
• Tourism and Hospitality
• Sports and Recreation
• Wired and Wireless Infrastructure
• Digital Divide and Community Access
• Homeland Security grids
• Biomedical grids and Community Health

Finally, the Institute for Digital Cities will deliver a series of important deliverables underwritten by corporate sponsorship, grants and philanthropic donations.

• International Clearinghouse on effective practices in the digital city
• Research Network on Applications in digital cities
• Faculty/Senior Scholars Seminar
• Doctoral Seminar
• Lectures and Seminar Series
• Briefs and Working Papers
• Public policy work and legislative efforts
• Profiles of digital city heroes
• Small Grants Program
• Monthly webcast and satellite broadcast
• Facilitation services to align technology interests in the digital city with receptors in digital cities around the world
• Symposia of decision makers
• Bi-annual International Digital Cities Conference

Next Steps

It is our hope and expectation that the Institute for Digital Cities will be part of Case's forthcoming downtown move. We very much hope the Institute will have a "space" in the vibrant downtown technology corridor.

We are actively solicting and looking to recruit a founding director of the Institute. This recruitment will attract world class leadership to Case and to Cleveland.

For more information, feedback, and inquiries, as always, feel free to contact me at lev.gonick@case.edu

Lev Gonick, Cleveland, OH September 6, 2005

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