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September 20, 2005

Java Heaven and WiFi in University Circle

Where can you get a good cup of Java and Wi-Fi in University Circle?

Today the answer to the question grew to n+1. And, as always, with leadership from Case and transportation from OneCleveland, all of University Circle's Java WiFi hotspots are open and free to the public (and secured through VPN access for Case faculty, students, and staff).

Today, Sages Cafe opened in Crawford Hall proudly serving Peet's coffee. Sages Central is the first location in the State of Ohio to be serving Peet's coffee.


Of course there is WiFi access in the beautiful lounge area. Indeed, you can watch the lineups at Sages Cafe and even see if your favorite Barista is around to answer questions about Sages curriculum. Check out Sages Cafe for interactive video conferencing gear, evening interactive poetry slams and global Shakespeare readings (all coming soon).

The original, Java WiFi Mecca at Arabica on Juniper is still serving up the best Chai (IMHO) in University Circle and best open-mike and music scene. WiFi has been available at Arabica for two years and morning, noon, and night, customers have become come to expect open airwaves.


Less than a month ago, the most exquisite Starbucks cafe in Cleveland opened at the Village at 115th, serving up the Seattle Company’ blend of drinks, music, and snacks. At given time there are dozens of WiFi enabled laptop users collaborating, IMing, and surfing the web while enjoying a cup of Sumatra.


The Silver Spartan, one of America's first Wi-Fi-enabled 50s diners has been serving up coffee and good greasy-spoon eggs until all of hours of the night.


Severance Hall Case Faculty Club and Restaurant offers WiFi access for a cup of java, lunch buffet or evening dining pleasure (full bar service available in the evening).


Nord Hall has one of Einstein Bagels (coffee, low carb bagels and nasharai) WiFi hotspots.


The Biomedical Research Building Starbucks also has a very well used, iBook friendly :-) WiFi offering.


Not to be left off the list are a host of University Buildings including the Thwing Center, Wade and Fribley Commons, and other cafeterias. Send me pictures and I'm happy to add.

thwing int.jpg.

Life is good for Java WiFi lovers.

We've come along way here in our part of Cleveland's digital community. Enjoy.

Lev Gonick, Cleveland, September 20, 2005

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