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October 29, 2005

Art and Technology Festival 2006 - INGENUITY RFP



PREMISE: Technology and Art, conceptually, when integrated exhibited and performed, invites complex and creative responses from artists, researchers, scientists, and the diverse communities fortunate enough to experience it. The possibilities, of course, remain vast and relatively untapped. These relationships, intersections, and impact deserve greater exploration. This exploration will result in a future that dazzles the community of today and benefits communities of the future!

SUMMARY: “INGENUITY”, The Cleveland Festival of the fusion of Art and Technology seeks large and small exhibitions and/or performances that explore these intersections of technology and art. Inspired by the success of Ingenuity’s inaugural success in September 2005, festival organizers are presently in pursuit of “world class” state-of-the-art exhibitions and performances that will eventually position this festival as a unique international event, celebrating humanity’s creativity and ingenuity in the merging of the arts and technology. Proposals are hereby solicited for participation in its July 2006 and its Summer of 2007 Festivals, to take place in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Proposal budgets should not exceed $250K. Proposals received will be reviewed and selected by an international panel of experts in the fields of art and technology.

A NOTE ON INGENUITY: The Ingenuity Festival (and its partners) expects to provide significant funding support for projects selected. Furthermore, as one component of the Ingenuity Festival is the celebration of the creativity of Northeast Ohio, preferences will be given to collaborations involving Northeast Ohio artists, arts organizations, engineers, scientists, and researchers. We stress that “a preference” is distinct from “a mandate” and that all proposals will be reviewed.

Statement of Interest Receipt Deadline: December 1, 2005

Formal Application Receipt Deadline: January 15, 2006

Notification Date: No later than February 1, 2006

Statement of Interest

Submit two copies of up to three pages that briefly describe your project that includes a rough estimate of costs. Be sure to include information on:

• The organizations and works of art or artists that will be involved in the project

• Briefly outline the types and sizes of venues or exhibition spaces that would be appropriate for the project.

• Briefly address the technical and technology requirements for your project.

• Major project activities including the public programming that will accompany the event.

• Schedule of key project dates. Include your availability during the festival dates (July 6 -16, 2006, and summer (precise dates not yet available) of 2007, and note any times that the project would not be available during the period of the festival. Provide an estimate of the time that you will need to be in Cleveland.

• Those individuals who will have major responsibility for the project.

• Some specific examples of previous activities from the past three years that demonstrate you or your organization's ability to carry out the project. Detail any experience with touring or international projects.

• An estimated cost analysis. Include potential sources of additional (perhaps in-kind) resources that you will bring to the project. Also discuss your ability to leverage outside project support.

Do not reduce type below 12 point font size; leave space between paragraphs. Make sure that pages have margins of at least one inch. Label the top of the first page of your Statement of Interest with:

• Your organization's name and address.

• The name, phone number, and e-mail of the contact person for the project.

• The title of the project

Label the top of pages two and three with the name of your
organization. A cover letter is not required and will not be reviewed. Also submit one copy of a work sample that demonstrates the artistic and/or technological excellence and merit of your project. Wherever possible, this should be a sample that represents the works of art or artists that will be involved in the project. Your work sample must be in one of the formats listed below: An audio cassette, CD, DVD, or VHS video cassette. –- For multidisciplinary projects, submit samples in two art forms.

3/4" video cassette format is not accepted. Audio and video cassettes should be a maximum of five minutes and cued to the appropriate point. Multimedia presentations (e.g., .mov, .rm, .dcr) are limited to five minutes in length and should run automatically from the CD-ROM. Up to 12 images may be presented in a Power Point or PDF file. (Images only, no additional text.) Digital images on CD-ROM should contain a maximum of 12 electronic images in JPEG. Image size should be consistent. Suggested image size is 640 pixels x 480 pixels.

If your Statement of Interest is favorably reviewed, you will be contacted by November 15 and you will receive instructions as to a more formal application.

Kindly send all letters of interest and support materials to:



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