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November 26, 2005

Integrated Media Gaming and Augmented/Virtual Reality Approaches to Autism Treatment Interventions

Another first.

We are pleased to share that on December 1 and 2, Case along with community partners are helping to co-convene the first, ever, design charette on gaming and autism. This is an extraordinary opportunity to help launch the Cleveland Institute of Art's new Design Center in an area of considerable interest to therapists, communication specialists, treatment teams, parents, kids, and of course the gaming community.


The Cleveland Institute of Art (Technology, Integrated Media Environment and CIA Design and Tech Transfer Center)

Case Western Reserve University (Information Technology Services, Department of Cognitive Science, Communication Sciences, Virtual Worlds Lab, Neuroscience)

Sponsors: The Cleveland Foundation

Time/Place December 1 & 2, 2005.

Program Design: We are interested in three types of interventions central to challenges associated with young people with autism (1) sensory motor skills (and in particular spacial planning), (2) receptive communication, and (3) expressive communication.

• The interventions that we are seeking to develop are in the area of virtual reality gaming experiences.

• There is a growing body of scientific evidence that suggests that our ability to manipulate environmental and cognitive processes and augment specific conditions through virtual reality gaming technologies may be of relevance to creating intervention strategies for these challenges (and possibly others).

• This is a design workshop and we hope, as a result of the workshop, to have practical strategies for developing a series of rapid prototypes for testing among experts in the field.

• If our prototypes prove of interest and suggestive of possible positive value, we have expressions of interest within the community to further refine the virtual reality gaming effort and pursue a more advanced effort at producing virtual reality environments for autism-related interventions, documentation for treatment professionals, research collaborations on assessment as well as outcomes, and perhaps other collaborations moving forward.

Role of Participants:

• This event is being planned as a design charette.
• Those invited have a range of interests, including, but not limited to, scientific, technical, practical, passion, story telling, gaming, therapeutic treatment, scholarly and design skills.
• After a brief "level setting", the workshop will be a very interactive design process with some small group work and then later in the day design integration efforts.
• Participants will also receive digital copies of the design charette materials, and of course a record of the charette's outcomes.

Other organizations, institutions, individuals invited to participate include, but are not limited to:

Cleveland Clinic Foundation
The Cleveland Foundation
Council for Jews with Special Needs (Phoenix)
Cure Autism Now (Los Angeles)
University of Southern California Environments Lab, Integrated Media Systems Center, Viterbi School of Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
Virtual Reality Aids Incs (North Carolina)
Cleveland Museum of Art
Bellefaire JCB
Cleveland Music School Settlement
California State University, Monterey Bay
Kent State University
Project Milestones (Cleveland)
University of Victoria, (British Columbia)
New Media Consortium (Austin)


Maps http://www.universitycircle.org/uc_maps_parking.asp

I'll provide a short report on this gathering through this blog.

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