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June 10, 2006

Cleveland hosts 400+ New Media Gurus

It's been an amazing week for Cleveland and the international technology community. More than 400 new media gurus from 200 museums, universities and research facilities invaded Cleveland for the 2006 New Media Consortium Summer Conference. The gathering (June 5-10), hosted by Case, the Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Institute of Art and the Rock Hall was held at the Peter B. Lewis Building at the Weatherhead School of Management and at the Intercontinental hotel and conference center. Nearly 100 panels, presentations, workshops, 3D virtual reality tours, and keynote addresses celebrated innovation, creativity and learning. Podcasts, photos archives, and the complete program guide are available.

Conference attendees had more than their fair share of a taste of the technology, arts, and cultural scene in Cleveland. Wendy Shapiro, Case's Director of Academic Technology and Instructional Technology received major kudos from the conference organizers.

In the recognition and awards category... It's been an amazing week for technology initiatives in Case. Cleveland's OneCommunity project was recognized in Washington, D.C. by the ComputerWorld Laureate program, in New York by the Intelligent Communities Forum, and Case Western Reserve University received the New Media Consortium's NMC Center of Excellence Award for 2006!

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