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January 22, 2007

January 22, 207

Good morning. Here's today's 1 minute headline news

(1) Welcome to Joan McFaul. Joan joins us today as ITS' Executive Director for operations and admnistration. Friday morning, we're organizing a small coffee and bagels welcome. Details to follow.

(2) Today, Tony Kramar announced that the "student photos" roster enabler project is in production. This collaboration between EAS, TIS, and Security Services will allow faculty to generate a photo roster of their students. Case's LDAP is now enabled to support this service.

(3) A short repeat item... A new VPN client is available at https://vpnsetup.case.edu/vpn3000.html

(4) Coming soon... Case.tv check out Case's version of video on demand. The effort is in alpha. Mike Kubit and Ron Petransky are driving this project for release next month http://mv-web.case.edu/cgi-bin/tv/tv.cgi

(5) Outbound spam control. Case has acquired the tool set from Mirarpoint and will begin implementation of outbound spam control. Over time, this should enable Case to be removed from "spam" lists who shut off services like AOL and Hotmail.

(6) Got your second life avatar yet? Coming in March will be Cleveland and Case's own Second Life Island. Be among the first netizens to visit. Contact Wendy Shapiro if you'd like access during construction.

Keep those tips coming ...


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