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January 23, 2007

ITS Strategic Planning Framework 2007-2012

For the past six months ITS leadership has used a wiki to facilitate and collaborate in the co-production and development of both our strategic plan and the proposed priority list as outlined below. Together, along with a process of engagement and appreciative inquiry we continue to pursue a late spring release of our second 5year plan. (our first five year plan is available here). Shortly, we'll revise our internal wiki effort and open it up for public comment and feedback


All planning occurs within the interstices of multiple contexts. Since our first five year plan was mapped out and approved (ITS Five Year Strategic Planning Framework 2002-2007) we have worked with three Presidents, three Provosts, and two Senior VPs for both Finance and Development. In addition, we have seen nearly the entire cadre of decanal appointments turn over along with changes in the office of budget and planning. In addition to the changes in senior administration at Case, the university has found itself oscillating between different management styles, shifting priorities, multiple fiscal challenges, and relatively little planning activity.

And yet, from both a general strategic and IT-specific planning perspective, the broader parameters of engaging, planning, prioritizing, operationalizing and setting milestones and outcome measures are more important than ever before.

Here then is our outline for our second five year plan. The outline and a draft of the actual "body of the plan" is being shared with the ITS Planning and Advisory Committee. Of course, given the manner in which this blog posting is being shared, we welcome feedback from interested parties.


Why Strategic Planning Matters
o Why IT Strategic Planning Matters

Where We’ve Come From
o Faculty View
o Staff View
o ITS View

Current State of IT @ Case
o Student View
o Staff View
o Faculty View
o ITS View
o Metrics/Outcomes

Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities
o External Assessment (February-March '07)
o Internal Customer Assessment (February '07)

A Framework for Strategic Planning 2007-2012 Re-Imagining, Re-invigorating, Re-inventing

Broad Themes:
o Collaboration-Enabling Service Organization
o The Three C’s: Core Technology, Continuity Planning, and Compliance.
o Structured Innovation to support teaching research and the student experience

20 Initiatives:

o Structured Innovation

• Assessment and Evaluation on the Impact of New Technology on Learning Outcomes

• Focus on learning spaces (physical and virtual) that engage, develop, and retain learners and lead to student success.

• Faculty and staff development

• High Performance Computing baseline service offering

• Advanced Network Research support

• Mobility and converged platform for collaboration

o Collaboration Services

• Best of class web 2.0 collaboration solutions
File Sharing
Meeting Spaces
Web, video and audio conferencing

• ITS Program Management Office

• Renewal of IT Governance

• University Circle Innovation Zone

o The Three C’s

• Case IT Architecture 2.0

• Upgrade Key Administrative Systems

• Focus on data warehouse enabling decision support

• Expansion and Improvement of Enterprise Data Centers

• Sustainable plan for Production and Development IT Equipment

• Implementation of new technologies and redundant production systems.

• Continuous Upgrades and renewal of fiber backbone infrastructure and related electronics.

• Contingency planning

• Augmentation of information security services

Measuring Outcomes
o 30 outcome measures

Visions of Where We Need/Want/Must Be in 2012
o Student View
o Faculty View
o Staff View
o Our Vision

IT Planning and Goals for Case Western Reserve University’s Schools/Colleges/and Distributed Units.

Draft 0.95 January 23, 2007, L. Gonick

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