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January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007: Headline News

Good morning. Here is today's 1 minute headline news.

1. Today, I published a draft outline of ITS' Strategic Planning Framework for 2007-2012. While there is a formal review of the draf text with the ITS Planning and Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning, the outline is published and feedback is welcome. Here is the url: http://blog.case.edu/lev.gonick/2007/01/23/its_strategic_planning_framework_20072012

2. Last week the software center released new versions of Adobe Acrobat (8) and Microsoft Office 2007. In the first 5 days since the release Dave Dominish reports that Acrobat 8 downloads = 684, Office 2007 = 427

3. The Student Information System ERP team has reached an important milestone. There is a demo version of the new system up working in the new release of PeopleSoft Version 9.0. The "go live" date for phase 1 (with no immediate impact on the campus) is only 2 months away.

4. If you are interesting in watching (and learning) as the land in SecondLife known as OneCleveland is being built out, please contact Wendy Shapiro with the name of your avatar and she will invite you to grab a adorondak chair and join her as we watch the developers construct Case, University Circle, and the other Cleveland landmarks.

5. Lora Veselsky will be launching ITS' second Quality of Workplace Survey. Look out for an email from Lora. We look forward to your feedback.

Keep the tips coming. Have a good day.

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