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March 21, 2007

Collaborating to Build a Strategic Planning Framework for IT @ Case Western Reserve University

About sixteen months ago, I heard a terrific presentation from Don Tapscott author of Growing Up Digital and co-author of the recent book (w. Anthony Williams) Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything. The overall presentation was a prelude to the new book. Don is a master story teller and one of the stories he told (or I recall he told) was about a group of young Kenyan political and constitutional activists using a wiki to inform its citizens on the 2005 proposed constitutional referendum.

From time to time I have used examples in my blog from Africa and other so-called third world countries to provoke and jolt our own thinking regarding how "shift happens".

I was inspired by the spirit of the story and made a mental note to see how we might be able to use a similar process of collaboration and engagement as we think about the power of new tools (like Wiki pages) to enable deep and powerful ways of creating new, more democratic and a more engaged form of civic culture. Some of the those opportunities are still to come in the larger civic engagement known currently as Cleveland 2.0. However, here at Case Western Reserve University we have an opportunity to model the possible impact of such an approach through our IT Strategic Planning Framework process.

As I scan the Net, I have not found another example of a University using a Wiki for a major operations or divisional strategic planning process, so I am curious to see if there will be any uptake or interest here at Case Western Reserve University.

With the assistance of Lora Veselsky, Jeff Gumpf, and Jeremy Smith, we have posted a reasonable comprehensive draft of our proposed 2007-2012 ITS Strategic Planning Framework on the Case Wiki.

Over the past month or so, we have invited, ITS Senior Management, the ITS Planning and Advisory Committee Subcommittee on Strategic Planning, the Faculty Senate Committee on Information Resources, the Council of Technology Officers and today, I posted an invite to all of ITSPAC and the ITS Staff. By way of this blog, I hope to extend the invitation to collaboration and participation. We have already had more than 600 visits to the Wiki page.

As organized, we invite you to comment through links in more than 20 locations within the wiki to formally share your feedback within specific sections of the wiki document. We also have left the "edit" feature on and encourage those of you interested (within the Case Community who log-in) to contribute directly to the body of the document).

The outline of Strategic Planning Framework for ITS@Case follows. Please join the collaboration.


* 1 Why Strategic Planning Matters
* 2 Where We've Come From: Please share your view
* 3 Current State of IT@Case: Please share your view
* 4 The Vision: Re-Imagine, Re-Invigorate, Re-invent
* 5 Broad Themes
* 6 Service Lines and Allocations
* 7 Highlighting Important Goals
* 8 20 Strategic Initiatives:
o 8.1 Initiatives One-Six: Structured innovation to support teaching, learning, research, and the on-campus student experience
o 8.2 Initiatives 7-12: Engagement and Collaboration Services
o 8.3 Initiatives 13-20: Attending to the 3Cs -- Core Technology, Compliance, and Continuity Planning
* 9 Improve identity management
* 10 Upgrade Administrative Systems
* 11 Strategy: Improve support for administrative services
* 12 Measuring Outcomes
* 13 Visions of Where We Need/Want/Must Be in 2012
* 14 IT Planning and Goals for Case Western Reserve University’s Schools/Colleges/and Distributed Units
* 15 ITS Scorecard 2002-2007

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