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June 26, 2007

Sprint Coverage in Coventry

Over the past several years I have heard the about cellular coverage concerns in and around the Coventry area. Sprint has heard your concerns and I am happy to communicate that coverage will no longer be an issue in this area that is frequented by students, faculty and staff.

Sprint Nextel has built three cell sites to cover the area. One iDEN (Nextel) site just came on-air in the north end of the Coventry area and two CDMA (Sprint PCS) sites will be on-air in the coming weeks (one north of Coventry and one south of Coventry).

I am always interested to understand the areas in which Case community members experience less than expected outdoor cellular coverage.

Stay tuned for further updates this summer on the roll out of the Case-OneCommunity Wireless Mesh currently being rolled out across the greater University Circle area.

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