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August 28, 2007

$2 million Cleveland Clinic Investment for Broadband Connectivity for HealthCare Education in NorthEast Ohio

Today, I attended a tremendous set of health care education demonstrations prepared by Northeast Ohio's OneCommunity team hosted at Idea Center in downtown Cleveland. The highlight was the Cleveland Clinic's announcement of an additional $2 million investment in the award winning regional community network and its efforts to touch all of Northeast Ohio and impact the community with transformational change capabilities.

Today, OneCommunity and the Cleveland Clinic announced continuing investments in the development of programming and enabling infrastructure to deliver K-12 health care education curriculum to nearly 700,000 young people in 18 counties in NEOhio. The program also featured collaboration with Ideastream who will serve to support professional development efforts. Case Western Reserve University's leadership (Dr. Susan Wentz) in the Netwellness project (with Ohio State and Univ. of Cincinnati) was also featured in an afternoon of demonstrations of open heart surgeries, urban health care examinations, electronic medical records sharing, and consumer health care education over broadband.

We were informed that OneCommunity and its healthcare and community partners have submitted a major grant proposal to the FCC for Rural-Urban Healthcare which is under review along with a Department of Agriculture grant with community leadership in Columbiana to extend broadband connectivity in support of economic development and health care education.

OneCommunity (on whose Board I serve on behalf of Case Western Reserve University) is one of the nation's largest, fastest and most collaborative community-based networks. OneCommunity serves Case Western Reserve University with both Gigabit intranet services to the hundreds of institutional subscribers in NEOhio along with a Gigabit of internet commodity service for traffic destined across the regional cloud to the rest of the world. As this current project is fully implemented over the next 4 months, more than 1,000,000 students, faculty, staff, librarians, public health care officials, government workers, and employees of other non-profits will be connected to this common next generation network.

More in a future posting on an update on OneCommunity's wireless efforts here in Cleveland and elsewhere.

Lev Gonick
Case Western Reserve University
August 28, 2007

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