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December 09, 2007

Blogging Nobel Public Services Innovation Summit (5)

There are only 12m Internet users in Indonesia (5% penetration). Mobile phones penetration is around 60m users across some 17,000 islands across the nation. Jos Lukukay, from the Indonesian National ICT Council Member addresses the Summit on stitching together a national strategy across a highly diverse geography and population. Indeed, as outlined, leveraging ICT has been identified as a central driver to attend to a wide range of public policy priorities.

Of interest is how much of the Indonesian effort at connecting (Palapa fiber archipelago ring) is focussed on attending to education challenges and in particular focusing on connecting the 50 or so institutions of higher education in the country. The portfolio of initiatives representing the Indonesia's ICT flagship programs include
e-Education, e-Procurement, National Single Window (portal and integrated call center), e-Budgeting, National Identity Number, Palapa fiber optical archipelago Ring, and Legal Usage of Software.

As I reflect, and as I will be presenting later today in our session on learning 2.0, there are three archetypal models on these broadband initiatives; those initiated by regulatory efforts (EU efforts come to mind), community-centered models of multi-tenant institutional players (like Cleveland and OneCommunity), and those driven by various levels of government. The Indonesian experience follows the model of a good deal of Asia in that it draws inspiration and direction from government and/or parastatal direction.

Lev Gonick
Stockholm, December 9, 2007

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