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February 20, 2008

Blogging Connected Urban Development #2

Sneak Peak at the Cisco Green Connected Bus

Connected Bus.jpg

Looking for an urban transportation mover that consumes 95% fewer CO2 emissions while connects travelers as its moves through the cityscape and monitors and projects its geographic location and vitals at every moment. If you have $10,000 you can now look forward to buying your very own green connected bus.

The bus I toured this morning is a pilot between Cisco and San Francisco MTA. At the heart of the mini closet behind the driver is a Cisco mobile access router, 2 personal computers, 5 touchscreen monitors, and a software suite of services for passengers that enables passengers to track their current status, the time to the stop they want, along with their weekly personal carbon footprint calculator saving using the green bus all enabled on touchscreens.

The mobile router talks to video cameras, EVDO cards to support wireless use on the bus, and a host of other spectrum radios that can (in the future) be integrated to provide anything in anything out environment.

The pilot bus is also a moving technology green school house. Where the usual advertisements for cosmetology school are posted the green bus is filled with environmental factoids and targeted marketing on personal commitments to the green agenda.

I'm old enough to remember the Ken Kesey and the Magic Bus (The Who) and Magical Mystery Tour (Beatles). Riding the new green bus in San Francisco gives a completely new meaning to the idea of getting on the bus. Eighteen months ago we demonstrated a lightweight version of the connected public bus with the RTA in Greater Cleveland during our wireless University Circle demonstrations with Cisco and OneCommunity. The improvements to user interface and education on the San Francisco bus are impressive. Mass public transport that has all these built-in smarts makes for a compelling experience that also contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.

Lev Gonick
February 20, 2008
San Francisco, CA

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