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April 24, 2008

YouTube Effect on University Converged Media Efforts

This item from today's Case Daily Bulletin. Universities like Case Western Reserve University are leveraging pervasive consumer platforms like YouTube (in what techies sometimes call 'platform as as a service) to augment our own infrastructure in an effort to reach both campus and off campus audiences. The power of the YouTube effect has been obvious. In the pre-soft launch (which got announced today), more than 8000 video views of campus lectures, presentations, student videos, and documentaries have been viewed from beginning to end. Audiences have tagged these video assets with favorites and comments. The impact of YouTube (and iTunes) will be the subject of continuing exploration with other Universities as well as key leaders from Google and iTunes at the forthcoming Collaborative Technology and Campus Engagement on May 8th (registration is linked).

Case Western Reserve University is expanding its reach in cyberspace with the launch of its own dedicated YouTube channel.


From "The Story of Case Western Reserve University" to President Barbara Snyder at The Spot, the university's YouTube unique playlist of news, events, stories and special interests currently includes 111 videos. The "Stuff for Your Brain" section features multi-media of more than 70 classes, public lectures and presentations.

Coming soon to Case YouTube: some full courses, every session of several semester-long classes on video, online.

Already available at http://youtube.com/case are athletic competitions and gospel concerts, center dedications and campus celebrations, research collaborations and summer reading speaker -- now with 300 times the views and visibility of previous Internet instruments.

Even without an official launch announcement, the university has garnered more than 7,000 views in its first two weeks on the world's leading online video-sharing Web site.

YouTube allows people to easily upload and distribute clips on youtube.com and across the Internet through other sites, blogs and e-mail.

Faculty, staff and students interested in adding content to the Case Western Reserve YouTube channel should send their video clips to MediaVision.

Still in its early stages, the university's full YouTube channel will officially launch this fall with increased accessibility, including opportunities to subscribe to feeds as well as upload additional video collections.

MediaVision also is working on a Case iTunes University site, expected to go live around the start of the new academic year.

Lev Gonick
Case Western Reserve University
April 24, 2008
Phoenix SkyHarbor Airport heading back to Cleveland)

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