January 15, 2008

ICF Announces the 2008 Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year

ICF Announces the 2008 Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year

(Honolulu, January 14, 2008 - 6:30 PM) - The Intelligent Community Forum announced today its list of the Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year, each a model for economic development in the 21st Century. The announcement, the second stage of ICF's annual Intelligent Community awards cycle, was made during PTC'08 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Smart21, announced last October, were honored during a reception hosted by ICF with generous sponsorship from Korea Telecom, Metrocomnet and Globecomm Systems. ICF co-founder Louis A. Zacharilla announced the highly anticipated Top Seven during the reception, noting that, for the first time, the Top Seven included three American communities, plus three from the rest of the world that were named to the list a second time. Listed in alphabetical order, the 2008 Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year are:

* Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom. This former industrial center known for "jute, jam and journalism" has transformed itself through intensive government-academic-business collaboration and broadband deployment into a UK center for life sciences and digital media. An innovative smart card for citizens was so successful that the Scottish Government asked Dundee to run its national program. With rising net job growth and business starts, Dundee has created a Digital Observatory to track its future progress as an Intelligent Community. (Top Seven 2007)

* Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. This community of 50,000 was a broadband "have not" until the City Council led an effort to aggregate public-sector, university and business demand and created e-Novations, its own fiber carrier, then launched the Fred-eZone wireless network offering free connectivity across the city. Today, Fredericton contains 70% of the province's knowledge-based businesses and is using ICT to substantially reduce its carbon footprint.

* Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea. With only 2.5% of Seoul's population, this district produces 25% of the city's economic activity, and has invested its wealth in the next generation of e-government. Since 1995, a relentless digital drive has reduced the cost of government while delivering online services, education, quality of life programs and e-democracy to citizens. Over 70% of citizens have received ICT training through schools, community centers and a TV GOV program. (Top Seven 2007)

* Northeast Ohio, USA. The communities of this region are rising from the ashes of deindustrialization to recreate the entrepreneurial business, political and social culture that produced its first wave of prosperity. A successful fiber network deployment by OneCommunity has been leveraged by government and nonprofits to jumpstart new investment, improve healthcare delivery, bring the best in culture and education to urban schools, and engage tens of thousands of area leaders in collaboration over regional economic development.

* Tallinn, Estonia. A suggestion by Estonia's president in 1995 that schools be connected to the Internet led to an ICT revolution that has linked 100% of Tallinn's secondary schools to the Web and established over 600 public access points. More than 100,000 adults have received ICT training, while e-government programs have produced one of the most advanced smart card systems in Europe and a middleware program that slashes the costs of e-government. It was not until 2004 that the last Russian troops left the country, yet today, Tallinn receives 77% of all foreign direct investment into Estonia and seven out of ten in its workforce are in the service sector. (Top Seven 2007)

* Westchester County, New York, USA. This suburb of New York City was largely ignored by broadband carriers until it amassed demand from public agencies and built a multi-gigabit fiber network that now serves over 3,500 companies. Determined to maintain the quality of life that is its most compelling advantage, the county has invested in promoting business growth, improving the skills of its workforce and fighting digital exclusion in a community that has seen new immigrants become 35% of its population.

* Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. Powerful government-business-academic collaboration led by Wake Forest University permitted this former "tobacco capital" to build a fiber network that spurred demand and led to an 88% broadband penetration rate. The partners have used this digital foundation to develop free computer labs across the region, create an e-government portal that is number three in the nation, and build a sustainable ICT skills training program. The city and county now count 37,000 biotech employees as residents and will fund a program to put PCs and broadband connections into the homes of low-income students.

ICF's coveted awards cycle concludes in New York City on May 16, 2008 during the annual Building the Broadband Economy summit, where one of the Top Seven will succeed Waterloo, Ontario, Canada as Intelligent Community of the Year.

The full press release as well as more information on each community and blog postings on the awards process can be found on the ICF Web site.

Lev Gonick
Cleveland, Ohio

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June 26, 2007

Sprint Coverage in Coventry

Over the past several years I have heard the about cellular coverage concerns in and around the Coventry area. Sprint has heard your concerns and I am happy to communicate that coverage will no longer be an issue in this area that is frequented by students, faculty and staff.

Sprint Nextel has built three cell sites to cover the area. One iDEN (Nextel) site just came on-air in the north end of the Coventry area and two CDMA (Sprint PCS) sites will be on-air in the coming weeks (one north of Coventry and one south of Coventry).

I am always interested to understand the areas in which Case community members experience less than expected outdoor cellular coverage.

Stay tuned for further updates this summer on the roll out of the Case-OneCommunity Wireless Mesh currently being rolled out across the greater University Circle area.

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March 08, 2007

2007 Vision Entrepreneurship Competition

The 2007 Vision Entrepreneurship Competition is a joint collaborative between Cuyahoga Community College, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Institute of Art, and Cleveland State University.


The Vision Entrepreneurship Competition is not your standard business launch competition. They are looking for examples of entrepreneurial thinking enabled by technology and we will give 10 awards ($1K) to the best ideas.

Only currently enrolled students from the four institutions noted above will be eligible to fill out our online application.

Submissions are now being accepted, and applications must be received by end of business day March 30th, 2007. There is a maximum of 3 participants per group, and each student can only submit one application.

Go to http://www.VisionCompetition.com to learn more about the rules and regulations, as well as descriptions of prize package for the 10 winning teams.

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March 07, 2007

IBM announces $10K Cell/B.E. Univesity Challenge 07

With a deadline of March 31, here is a great opportunity for Case Western Reserve University students.

IBM is sponsoring a "beyond gaming" competition to catalyze innovative use of its Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.). The Cell/B.E. is already the workhorse of the gaming industry (Sony PS3), IBM is interested in interested in creative use of the Cell/B.E. in other areas. From seismic simulators to financial models, this competition is open only to students.

More information can be found at http://www-304.ibm.com/jct09002c/university/students/contests/cell/index.html


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Cell Film Festival

This one caught my eye this morning.

Please share this call for entries with students and colleagues. $1,000 grand prize!

(Case, CIA, and CIM students, faculty, and staff are eligible).

Contest rules at http://www.case.edu/artsci/bakernord/CellFilmFestival.htm


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January 25, 2007

January 25, 2007: Headline News

Here is today's 1 minute news headlines.

(1) Over the past 30 days, more than 2500 Case users have changed their network password IDs. Are you among them? Last fall, ITS and the rest of the campus made a one-time "required" change. We encourage all of ITS to make an ID change at least once every 180 days. Go to https://its-services.case.edu/my-case-identity/password/change/

(2) The outline of ITS' new 5 Year Strategic Plan is now available on the Case Wiki at http://wiki.case.edu/ITS_Strategic_Planning#ITS_Strategic_Planning_2007-2012 We will be opening up three sections for active comment (Where We've Come From, Current State, Where We Need To Be). I encourage you to take an active role in the Planning process. Some of the early narrative leading into the wiki was recently posted to my blog at http://blog.case.edu/lev.gonick

(3) Talking about Lev's blog, these 1 minute news headlines are now being posted coming from a recommendation from ITS staff who find themselves offline when I send via IM.

(4) Case has been nominated by Ciso Sytems for a ComputerWorld Honors and Laureatte program for the category of world class partner in education and academia.

(5) A "must" read. If you're interested in "futures", the NMC has just published its annual "Horizons" report on emerging trends in technology and their impact in higher education. I can't underscore how valuable this monograph is. I hope you'll download a copy at http://www.nmc.org/pdf/2007_Horizon_Report.pdf

(6) The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) announced today the upgrade of its high performance computing (HPC) capacity with the acquisition of the IBM Cluster 1350. This new system is projected to be one of the top 50 supercomputers in the world, making OSC among the top 10 academic supercomputing centers.

(7) Case has completed its contract for a 5 year renewal with Dell for notebook and desktop systems. While details will follow, there are a number of key "new" features, including two firsts. All alumni of Case will be able to buy Case specified hardware configurations at pricing available only at the Case - eMall. Second, our STA partners, including key new health care partners will also be able to purchase off the Case pricing contract.

(8) The School of Medicine has successfully migrated a significant portion of its core computing infrastructure over to Active Directory marking a very important milestone. Thanks to Irene M. and co.

(9) An early welcome to Tara Phillips who will be joining ITS next Monday as one of Case's Telephone Operators. Welcome Tara!

Keep those tips coming! Have a good day.

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January 23, 2007

January 23, 2007: Headline News

Good morning. Here is today's 1 minute headline news.

1. Today, I published a draft outline of ITS' Strategic Planning Framework for 2007-2012. While there is a formal review of the draf text with the ITS Planning and Advisory Committee on Strategic Planning, the outline is published and feedback is welcome. Here is the url: http://blog.case.edu/lev.gonick/2007/01/23/its_strategic_planning_framework_20072012

2. Last week the software center released new versions of Adobe Acrobat (8) and Microsoft Office 2007. In the first 5 days since the release Dave Dominish reports that Acrobat 8 downloads = 684, Office 2007 = 427

3. The Student Information System ERP team has reached an important milestone. There is a demo version of the new system up working in the new release of PeopleSoft Version 9.0. The "go live" date for phase 1 (with no immediate impact on the campus) is only 2 months away.

4. If you are interesting in watching (and learning) as the land in SecondLife known as OneCleveland is being built out, please contact Wendy Shapiro with the name of your avatar and she will invite you to grab a adorondak chair and join her as we watch the developers construct Case, University Circle, and the other Cleveland landmarks.

5. Lora Veselsky will be launching ITS' second Quality of Workplace Survey. Look out for an email from Lora. We look forward to your feedback.

Keep the tips coming. Have a good day.

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